Mission Foods Will Continue Making Tortilla Chips in Oregon

Business Oregon was able to help Mission Foods retain 72 jobs at the company's McMinnville facility. The plant was given a mandate by headquarters to increase its production to 22 million pounds of chips and tortillas and simultaneously reduce costs or risk being closed.

The company's McMinnville facility is land-locked and even if it could have been expanded, the cost would have increased the cost of production instead of reducing as directed. The management decided the best method to address the concerns would be to adopt Lean Manufacturing practices. Business Oregon provided a $30,000 forgivable loan from the Governor's Strategic Reserve Fund (SRF) to help the company undergo a lean manufacturing review and to perform training necessary to increase production capacity by 20 percent while eliminating identified costs and waste.

Mission Foods is one of the leading companies in the $1.9 billion U.S. tortilla market. The McMinnville facility serves the Pacific Northwest market and produces and distributes 18 million pounds of tortillas and chips each year.With Business Oregon's help, they expect to reach their goal of producing 22 million pounds.