Snack Alliance, Inc.

Shearer's Foods bought the Snack Alliance, Inc., facility in 2010. Snack Alliance, Inc., was one of the largest private label snack food manufacturing companies in the world with production facilities in Hermiston, Oregon, Bristol, Virginia and Vancouver, British Columbia. Shearer's Foods, LLC is currently the nation's largest manufacturer of kettle cooked chips, but it also makes standard potato chips, tortilla chips, multi-grain extruded products, as well as cheese and corn puffs. The company employs nearly 2,000 workers and exports products to Asia, Mexico and Canada.

In 2014, Shearer's Foods, LLC planned to add a new processing line to the Hermiston facility—to cook, soak, clean, mill and sheet corn to produce a "from scratch" masa dough that will be used to produce tortilla chips. The $3.8 million expansion into production of the masa dough within the Hermiston facility will enable the company to enter into new markets for snacks, thereby allowing the company to expand its customer base and sales from this facility. It is expected to add 32 new jobs at the facility.

In March, 2010, the company received a $150,000 Strategic Reserve Fund (SRF) forgivable loan to help finance its planned $3.3 million expansion of its Hermiston production lines. The plant, which already provides the equivalent of 155 full-time jobs for 185 workers, is expecting a sharp increase in demand for its snack products. The increased production capacity is expected to result in 30, new full-time jobs.

In its first year of ownership, Shearer's Foods, LLC invested more than $20 million in the plant, nearly doubling the buildings and structures and adding manufacturing space, equipment, processes, a full set-vice warehouse, as well as the infrastructure to support these systems. When Shearer's Foods, LLC acquired the plant from Snack Alliance, Inc., the facility had 164 employees. As of January 2014, Shearer's Foods, LLC has increased employment to 337 full-time equivalent jobs.

In addition, in May 2008, Business Oregon provided a loan of $500,000 through the Oregon Business Development Fund (OBDF) to Snack Alliance. The loan, which has already been repaid, was part of a $2.36 million project to expand the company's Hermiston facility. The assistance helped the company retain an estimated 76 jobs and create an additional 30 positions.