Business Oregon Public Record Request

Request Process

  1. Fill-in this form and submit it
  2. Agency reviews the request, contacts requestor within 5 business days to provide time and cost estimate
  3. Requestor agrees by making payment
  4. Agency completes request, informs requestor

According to Oregon Revised Statute (ORS) 192.420, every person has the right to inspect any nonexempt public record of a public body in Oregon. Business Oregon will fully comply with this law and will respond to public record requests as detailed within this request form.

All public record inquiries must be made in writing. Receiving your information in electronic form will help expedite the process.

To complete this request, you must agree to the terms below.

Terms and Conditions

Public records are writings containing information relating to the conduct of the public's business. Writings include handwritten, typed, photographed, electronic and otherwise recorded words, letters, pictures, sounds, symbols, or combinations thereof (ORS 192.410). State law exempts some public records from disclosure (ORS 192.410 - 192.505). Public bodies are not required to explain or answer questions about their public records, nor are they required to create public records where none exist. Public bodies are required to make available for inspection and copying, subject to any applicable exemptions, only those records that exist at the time of the request.

Business Oregon will respond within 5 business days, but the timing of the response will depend on the nature and extent of the request. Business Oregon will respond to advise you of the estimated costs involved in fulfilling your request, which must be prepaid before any further work is performed in completing the request. No public records request will be processed without prepayment of the estimated cost. You will be required to pay the costs of processing the request even if no records are found, or if the records are exempt from disclosure. Business Oregon also will contact you to provide a date when records can be reviewed, picked up or mailed to you; and to advise that the request is being denied. If the request is denied, a written explanation of the reason for denial will be provided.

Every person has the right to request inspection of public records. Most records available for public inspection are the property of Business Oregon. Nothing can be altered, added, or removed from these records. Allowing the inspection and/or copying of public records in the custody of Business Oregon is not meant to waive or restrict any copyright, proprietary, confidentiality, privilege, exemption of disclosure or other rights in said documents.

The Oregon Public Records Law allows agencies to recover their actual costs in fulfilling a public record request. These costs may include the cost of locating the records (including the cost of searching for records regardless of whether staff was able to locate the records requested), copying the records, redacting exempt information from the records, certifying the records, and mailing the records.

Business Oregon's fee schedule:

  1. Photocopies
    • Black & White: 0-20 pages at 25 cents per page
    • Black & White: 21 + pages at 15 cents per page
    • Color: 0-20 pages at 70 cents per page
    • Color: 21 + pages at 60 cents per page
  2. Pages Certified: $5 first 5 pages; 25 cents each additional page
  3. Staff Time:
    • Managerial: $70 per hour
    • Professional: $35 per hour
    • Clerical: $20 per hour
  4. Legal Review: $183 per hour
  5. Labels: $5 per 100
  6. Microfilm prints: 20 cents per copy
  7. DVD/CD: $1 each
  8. Video (2 hours of run time): $6 each
  9. Audio: $2 for each
  10. Computer processing: actual cost
  11. Supplies: actual cost
  12. Accounting fee: $5 for billing
  13. Mailing: actual cost

All time will be recorded in five minute increments. The hourly rate is based on the work performed, not on the employee performing it. For example, if a manager is making photocopies, the charge will be at the clerical rate.

Public Record Request Form