Staff Directory

Director's Office

Chris Cummings, Interim Director503-986-0158
Suzy Miller, Assistant to the Director503-986-0117
Nick Batz, Policy & Government Affairs Manager971-930-2399
Bryant Campbell, Diversity Equity & Inclusion Manager503-307-2517

Administrative Assistants—This team provides administrative support to divisions across the entire agency.
Ruth Hall, Administrative Assistant503-229-6051
Jessica Sedacy, Administrative Assistant503-229-6060

Arts & Culture Division

Brian Rogers, Executive Director971-209-5385
Kat Bell, Grants & Office Coordinator503-986-0082
Carrie Kikel, Communications Manager503-986-0081

Arts Commission

Eleanor Sandys, Percent for Art Collections Registrar and Research Specialist971-707-3004
Liora Sponko, Community Arts Coordinator971-345-1641
Deborah Vaughn, Arts Education & Poetry Out Loud Coordinator503-986-0085

Cultural Trust

Raissa Fleming, Administrative Assistant503-986-0088
Aili Schreiner, Oregon Cultural Trust Manager503-986-0089

Economic Development Division

Chris Cummings, Assistant Director503-986-0158
Suzy Miller, Executive Assistant503-986-0117
Robert Ault, Enterprise Innovation & Change Manager503-551-0917
Bonnie Kline, Administrative Assistant503-986-0157
Isabella Ollestad, Administrative Assistant503-986-0135
David Sell, Administrative Assistant503-986-0126

Business & Community Development

Regional Development

See a map of regional service areas

Melisa Drugge, Regional Development Manager503-508-3147

Regional Development Officers
Ryan DeGrofft, Regional Development Officer
Serving Gilliam • Morrow • Umatilla • Wheeler counties

Allison Field, Regional Development Officer
Serving Grant • Harney • Malheur counties

Bryan Guiney, Regional Development Officer
Serving Clackamas • Multnomah • Washington counties

Michael Held, Regional Development Officer
Serving Hood River • Wasco • Sherman counties

Larry Holzgang, Regional Development Officer
Serving Klamath • Lake counties

Dennie Houle, Regional Development Officer
Serving Marion • Polk • Yamhill counties

Brian McDowell, Regional Development Officer
Serving Baker • Union • Wallowa counties

Carolyn Meece, Regional Development Officer
Serving Crook • Deschutes • Jefferson counties

Melissa Murphy, Regional Development Officer
Serving Benton • Lane • Lincoln • Linn counties

Melanie Olson, Regional Development Officer
Serving Clatsop • Columbia • Tillamook counties

Sean Stevens, Regional Development Officer
Serving Coos • Curry • Douglas counties

Marta Tarantsey, Regional Development Officer
Serving Jackson • Josephine counties

Regional Project Managers
Shanna Bailey, Regional Project Manager
Serving Baker • Grant • Gilliam • Harney • Klamath • Lake • Malheur • Morrow • Umatilla • Union • Wallowa • Wheeler counties

Tawni Bean, Regional Project Manager
Serving Coos • Curry • Douglas • Jackson • Josephine counties

Michelle Bilberry, Regional Project Manager
Serving Benton • Lane • Lincoln • Linn • Marion • Polk • Yamhill counties

Becky Bryant, Regional Project Manager
Serving Clackamas • Clatsop • Columbia • Multnomah • Tillamook • Washington counties

Arthur Chaput, Regional Project Manager
Serving Housing and CDBG Projects Statewide

Matthew Mattia, Regional Project Manager
Serving Crook • Deschutes • Jefferson • Hood River • Sherman • Wasco counties

Ted Werth, Regional Project Manager
Serving Ports Projects Statewide

Global Strategies & Recruitment

Amanda Welker, Global Strategies & Recruitment Manager503-229-6063
Alexa Byers, Global Trade Specialist
Advanced Manufacturing; Transportation; Defense Equipment; Information Technologies; Electronics/Instrument; Applied Materials; and Food Processing
Sunun Setboonsarng, Global Trade Specialist
Environmental Technologies; Energy Efficiency; Renewable Energy; Green Building; and Bioscience
Dana Shannon, Global Trade Specialist
Outdoor Gear and Apparel; Secondary Wood Products; Logistics/Distribution; and Consumer Goods
Jill Miles, Senior Business Recruitment Officer
Distribution & Logistics; Food Processing; Secondary Wood Products; Software; Data Centers; Site Selector
Colin Sears, Inbound Investment & Global Trade Officer
Clean Technology; Green Building; Computer & Electronics; Bioscience; Outdoor Gear & Apparel; Aviation/UAV Manufacturing

Programs & Incentives

Ed Tabor, Programs & Incentives Manager503-949-3523

Program Services

Becky Baxter, SPWF Program & Policy Coordinator503-986-0104
Daniel Holbrook, Industrial Lands Specialist503-877-7006
Karen Homolac, Brownfields Specialist971-239-9951
Stephanie Prybyl, Ports Manager503-949-1710
Alina Putintsev, Operations Coordinator503-986-0102
Fumi Schaadt, CDBG Program & Policy Coordinator503-986-0027
Rena Schoen, CDBG Program & Policy Coordinator503-949-6294
Christopher Tamarin, Telecommunications Strategist503-508-0178
Jon Unger, SDWRLF; Water; W/W Program & Policy Coordinator503-507-7107
Gloria Zacharias, Seismic Program & Policy Coordinator503-986-0132


Arthur Fish, Business Incentives Coordinator503-986-0140
Jeff Stell, Incentives Project Coordinator503-910-3034


Carrie Baxandall, COBID Program Manager503-986-0075
Jason Bricker, Compliance Specialist503-798-5017
Daniel Jackson, Small Business Certification Specialist503-986-0069
Jesse Juarez, Small Business Certification Specialist503-986-0060
Elizabeth Lopez, Small Business Certification Specialist503-986-0062
Carol Parker, Small Business Certification Specialist503-986-0068
Stephen Richardson, Compliance Specialist503-798-8323
Jeanne Stoller, Small Business Certification Assistant503-986-0078

Innovation & Small Business Growth

Kate Sinner, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Manager971-291-2155
Jordana Barclay, Innovation Strategist971-718-7459
Mark Brady, Innovation Strategist503-689-5638
Ricardo Lopez, Capital Strategist503-480-6301
Brian Plinski, Entrepreneurship Strategist971-719-6854

Operations & Finance Division

Brenda Bateman, Assistant Director503-986-0141
Brooks Peacock, Chief Audit Executive503-986-0096
Kim Sheaffer, Fiscal Assistant503-986-0013

Business & Public Finance

John Saris, Finance Manager503-383-8612
Pamela Brunell, Administrative Assistant503-986-0172
Jerry Barnick, Business Finance Officer
Serving Crook • Deschutes • Jefferson • Hood River • Sherman • Wasco counties

Laura Engstrom, Business Finance Officer
Serving Coos • Curry • Douglas • Jackson • Josephine • Klamath • Lake counties

Terry Hegle, Business Finance Officer
Serving Benton • Clatsop • Lane • Lincoln • Linn • Marion • Polk • Tillamook • Yamhill counties

David Parker, Business Finance Officer
Serving Benton • Clackamas • Clatsop • Columbia • Crook • Deschutes • Jefferson • Klamath • Lake • Lane • Lincoln • Linn • Marion • Multnomah • Polk • Tillamook • Washington • Yamhill counties

Tom Schnell, Business Finance Officer
Serving Crook • Deschutes • Jefferson • Hood River • Sherman • Wasco counties

Blair Sundell-Bahrd, Business Finance Officer
Serving Coos • Curry • Douglas • Jackson • Josephine • Klamath • Lake counties

Myke Wabs, Business Finance Officer
Serving Baker • Gilliam • Grant • Harney • Hood River • Malheur • Morrow • Umatilla • Union • Wallowa • Wasco • Wheeler counties

Paul Zollner, Business Finance Officer
Serving Baker • Gilliam • Grant • Harney • Hood River • Malheur • Morrow • Umatilla • Union • Wallowa • Wasco • Wheeler counties

Janna Graham, Public Finance Officer503-986-0128
Dennis Knight, Public Finance Officer503-986-0171
Rich Rodriguez, Public Finance Officer971-283-6859

Employee Services

Dana Northrup, Employee Services Manager503-602-0626
Jim Cunningham, Facilities Coordinator503-986-0147
Brenda Fleming, Salem Receptionist503-986-0123
Ranei Gattenby, Human Resources Analyst971-707-0062
Katherine Ryberg, Human Resources Analyst503-983-0178
Corina Torres, SR Human Resources Analyst971-719-0680

Fiscal & Budget

David Barnett, Financial Accountant503-986-0022
Kyle Johnson, Travel Accountant503-986-0015
April Kinney, Federal Grant Accountant503-986-0025
Christina McMichael, Accounting Manager503-986-0021
Dick Moreland, Fiscal Analyst503-986-0144
Tuyet-mai Nguyen, Financial Accountant503-986-0019
Kristin Nopp, Senior Budget Analyst503-986-0017
Lois Thawley, Senior Budget Analyst503-986-0016
Bei Zhang, Financial Accountant503-986-0023

Information Technology

Cara Kaser, Chief Information Officer971-718-6674
Steve Heathcock, Systems Analyst503-986-0165
Colin Lancaster, Sr. Software Engineer503-856-6868
Jessica Rogel, Network Specialist503-986-0044
Jodi Sherwood, Project Manager503-798-0680
Carmen Spuhler, Business Analyst971-720-0657
Nick Wadge, Sr. Application Developer503-586-9046
Chris Wilhelm, Network Administrator503-779-7276

Policy • Rules • Contracts

Josh Hardage, Policy Manager & Tribal Liaison503-586-8928
Neal Fitzgerald, Procurement & Contract Specialist503-871-2507
David Pearl, Contracts Assistant503-986-0121
Mindee Sublette, Legislative Coordinator503-986-0036
Devon Thorson, Procurement & Contract Specialist503-986-0032
Jon Walton, Contracts Specialist503-986-0159

Strategy & Communications

Nathan Buehler, Strategy & Communications Manager503-689-3559

Marketing & Communications

Mary Norton, Marketing Coordinator971-718-7615

Economic Strategies & Research

Jill Cuyler, Economic Development Research Analyst503-229-5484
Donna Greene Salter, Strategic Initiatives Project Manager971-301-1217
Michael Meyers, Economist503-229-6179