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Regional Solutions

Who's Received Funding?

Oregon Law and Rule

Regional Infrastructure Fund

Grant & Loan Review Committee

The 2013 Oregon Legislature created the Regional Infrastructure Fund to provide grants and loans to local governments for Regional Solutions implementation projects including long-range planning, research, and design. Business Oregon administers the lottery-funded Regional Infrastructure Fund and established the Grant & Loan Review Committee who makes the final determination of project and award amounts. The committee is comprised of a geographically diverse, odd number of members from the Business Oregon Commission and the IFA Board. At least one member must be a representative from a city and one from a county.


Tom Insko (Business Oregon Commission), Eastern Oregon University President
Niki Iverson (Infrastructure Finance Authority Board), City of Hillsboro Water Resources Manager
Andrea Klaas (Infrastructure Finance Authority Board), Port of The Dalles, IFA Board Executive Director
Vidya Spandana (Oregon Innovation Council), Tech Entrepreneur and Advisor to City of Portland
Craig Pope, Polk County Commissioner
Jason Lewis-Berry, Governor's Office, Chair (non-voting member)


Who is Eligible

A city, county, authority or entity organized under state statute or city or county charter, including any council of government.

Eligible Project

An elgible project supports regional economic and community development; addresses one or more regional priorities; supports the retention or creation of jobs in the region directly impacted by the project; does not require or rely upon continuing subsidies from Business Oregon for ongoing operations; helps meet the sustainable community objectives as noted in ORS 184.423(2); and be ready for implementation.

A project ready for implementation has: identified all applicable and required permits within the project schedule; committed funding contributions from other public, private, or philanthropic resources; and demonstrated community support. Economic development projects also will be consistent with Business Oregon's Strategic Plan priorities.


Application rounds will be announced by the Regional Solutions Team and Business Oregon. Announcements will include the open application dates, types of funding available, and the eligible uses.

Application Review

Busines Oregon and the Regional Solutions Team evaluate applications received in the announced round for eligibility. All eligibile projects are sent to the repsective region's Regional Adivisory Committee for review and recommendation. Regional Advisory Committees must provide at least 14 days for the public to review meeting agendas, project materials, and to provide comment on proposed projects before it can make final recommendations.

Approval and Award

Regional Advisory Committees provide their final recommendations to the Grant and Loan Review Committee. The Grant and Loan Review Committee reviews the recommendations, and determine final projects and the award amount. Upon approval of an award, Business Oregon and the local government enter into a binding contract. Among other items, the agreement will set forth the process that will be used to disburse the funds, expected performance standards, and repayment obligation for failture to perform specified project activity.

In the event of a contract default, any recovered funds will be returned to the Fund and many be awarded to another project.