Business Oregon Commission

The commission's annual report prepared each December.

2018 Commission Annual Report PDF
2017 Commission Annual Report PDF
2016 Commission Annual Report PDF
2015 Commission Annual Report PDF
2014 Commission Annual Report PDF

Legislative & Other Required Reports

2019-2021 Governor's Budget (submitted Feb 2019); 11.4MB file PDF

2019-2021 Agency Requested Budget (submitted Aug 2018); 12.4MB file PDF

2017-2019 Legislatively Adopted Budget; 15.2MB file PDF

2017-2019 Agency Requested Budget (submitted Sept 2016); 7.1MB file PDF

2015-2017 Legislatively Adopted Budget (submitted Jan 2016); 5.8 MB file PDF

2015-2017 Governor's Budget (submitted Feb 2014); 7.6MB file PDF

2015-2017 Agency Requested Budget (submitted Aug 2014); 5.7MB file PDF

Annual Performance Progress Report (Fiscal Year 2018-2019) PDF

Annual Performance Progress Report (Fiscal Year 2017-2018) PDF

Annual Performance Progress Report (Fiscal Year 2016-2017) PDF

Annual Performance Progress Report (Fiscal Year 2015-2016) PDF

Annual Performance Progress Report (Fiscal Year 2014-2015) PDF

Annual Performance Progress Report (Fiscal Year 2013-2014) PDF

Report on Feasibility of Business Ombudsman (2013) PDF
House Bill 2700 (2011 Legislative Session) directed Business Oregon to explore the feasibility of establishing a Business Ombudsman within state government.

2018 Report of Government to Government ActivitiesPDF with Oregon's Nine Federally Recognized Tribes

Agency/Program Related

2018-2022 Strategic Plan
Business Oregon's plan with forward-looking strategies that drive the state's economic development priorities over the next five years.

Distressed Communities List
The Distressed Communities list is used to highlight Oregon communities that may need additional support. The distressed designation may provide a community with an advantage if it applies for funds from state and federal sources.

Oregon Innovation & Entrepreneurship Benchmarking & Best Practices Report PDF, March 2019

Innovation Plan and Index
The latest Oregon Innovation Council recommendations for public investments to stimulate the state's economy.
2016 Plan PDF
2013-2015 Plan PDF
2011-2013 Plan PDF

2018 Innovation Index PDF
2016 Innovation Index PDF

2012 Rural Capacity Report PDF
Recommendations for improved local government capacity for project management of state-funded capital construction.

2010 Statewide Ports Strategic Plan PDF
A new strategic business plan for Oregon's statewide ports system. Also, download the Appendicies. PDF

Oregon Cultural Trust
Impacts of the Oregon Cultural Trust and the Cultural Tax Credit PDF; published May 2018

Logo Download

We've provided a download page containing the Business Oregon logo and style guide for use by our partners.