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Catalytic Project

PNMP's catalytic project component to the IMCP application is related to the commercialization of cross laminated timber (CLT) in the Northwest. CLT and associated advanced wood products manufacturing technologies combine our region's traditional competitive advantage in softwood timber supply from Pacific Northwest forests with advanced material science. This pairing holds the promise to bring a major new sustainable and renewable manufacturing industry to bear in the Pacific Northwest. It will provide substantial benefit to both rural and urban communities and strengthen the nexus between them.

CLT is an advanced wood product made of sheets of cross-hatched wood that can be cut into correct dimensions for wall, floor and ceiling panels, thereby reducing the waste of materials and time in construction of multi-story commercial buildings. CLT competes with steel and concrete as a structurally sound building material, but is made from a renewable resource. It has significantly lower environmental impact, sequesters carbon, and yet meets the same fire safety code regulations as concrete and steel.

The CLT products embody sustainability by using a regenerative, renewable resource and reduce the waste of traditional milling. The strength characteristics of CLT are such that lower grade timber can be used—reducing pressure on older forest stands to provide valuable materials, putting foresters, loggers, millwrights and production assets back to work, as well as increasing long-term forest sustainability.

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