Designation Request Checklist

Oregon Strategic Investment Zone (SIZ)

Basic elements of proposed zone

Zone area is entirely inside and sponsored by the government of ________ County.
Zone area is contiguous.
Zone is not inside the boundary of any existing strategic investment zone.
Zone includes area inside and is cosponsored by city/cities of ______________.
Zone is not inside the corporate limits of any city, except as named above.
Zone is entirely   inside | outside   "urban area" urban growth boundary (UGB).1
Annexations/population growth are not expected to affect either of the above two conditions.

Submissions to send to state

Map & boundary description for proposed SIZ, including image (PDF) file and GIS data electronically.
Further information confirming above basic elements about the proposed SIZ.
Documentation of local program and policies for the zone, including all of the following:
Objectives for the proposed SIZ
Description of how zone will achieve objectives and the purpose of ORS 285C.603
Criteria, standards and requirements for approval/qualification of interested businesses
Administrative plans, procedures and ministerial steps to straightforwardly approve businesses
Text of standardized agreement that business enters into before applying to state2
Copy of agenda, minutes, etc. from county public hearing about the proposed SIZ.3
Copy of intergovernmental agreement (IGA) between/among county and city/cities named above.4
Evidence of official action requesting designation of SIZ, as approved by majority of county governing body, after all of the above has been completed.

Be prepared to have representation at a Business Oregon Commission meeting at which designation is considered.

1 Applicable UGB is one that surrounds one or more cities with current population of 40,000 or more.

2 Agreement must specify statutory community service fee, as well as local program criteria, requirements, etc.

3 The public hearing must come before the intergovernmental agreement (IGA) is executed.

4 Parties agree to jointly sponsor and operate proposed SIZ, incorporating local program, policies and objectives.