Oregon Regions

Oregon's of course a pretty incredible place to live. Oregon's diverse landscape, people and culture can provide something for everyone. You can surf on the Oregon coast, wade its tide pools and enjoy the bounty of Dungeness crab. Oregon's Willamette Valley is home to the finest Pinot Noir vineyards, and incredible rivers and public gardens. The Greater Portland area is a nice niche between big city and small town feel and the commercial center of the state, with an engaging urban environment providing arts and culture attractions year-round. The high desert of central Oregon is a beautiful natural attraction, with snow sports drawing travelers in the winter and incredible golf and hiking in the summer. Eastern Oregon provides both wide open spaces and incredible mountains and lakes, as well as cutting edge agriculture, clean technology and targeted tech opportunities like unmanned aerial systems. There is much, much more to say about each of these regions below, both their growing industries and and particularly for tourism ideas, much can be found over at our friends' site, www.traveloregon.com. Nearly year-round, within a 1-3 hour drive, you can enjoy hiking, surfing, rafting and skiing with the appropriate attire, of course.