Outdoor Gear & Apparel

Home to Nike, adidas America, and Columbia Sportswear, Outdoor Gear and Apparel is one of the iconic industries of Oregon. The industry has blossomed from these large global brands, with new ideas, new opportunities, and new companies sprouting from the large pool of industry talent that has amassed in Oregon. Growing, mid-sized companies like Keen, Dakine, Ruff Wear, and LaCrosse have benefited from the extensive design and logistics expertise found in the region.

Oregon's proximity to the Pacific Rim lets these companies interact with counterparts in Asia and Europe, as well as exchange materials and finished goods.

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Apparel & Footwear

Oregon's storied history with Apparel and Footwear began with the birth of Nike, now a global icon with it's headquarters in Oregon and more than 10,000 employed in the state. Pair that with the presence of adidas' North American headquarters and 324 additional establishments who have nearly doubled employment over the past 10 years, this sector is not only a unique competitive advantage for the state, but also is a core part of the state's lifestyle and image.

Outdoor Gear

With a sweeping coastline, snow-capped mountain ranges, rocky high deserts, and countless lakes, rivers, and streams, Oregon is a place where outdoor gear gets pushed to its limits. And companies want to do business in the places their gear can be put to use. From the world-renowned kiteboarding and windsurfing in the Columbia Gorge to the slopes of Mt. Hood, the outdoor-oriented culture in Oregon draws young creative entrepreneurs who come to the state to not only enjoy the bounty of its geography, but to make a living by creating a better multi-tool to have at the ready, or a better bike to descend a mountain.

With a balance of manufacturing prowess, innovative designers, and an outdoor-focused culture, Oregon has proven to be the ideal location for gear manufacturers like Leatherman Tools, Benchmade Knives, Dakine, and Yakima.

Industry Snapshot

2018 Annual Data

Outdoor Gear & Apparel Apparel & Footwear Outdoor Gear Total
´╗┐Establishments326 246 572  
Employment19242 5574 24816  
Location Quotient (Oregon/U.S.)N/A 1.89 N/A  
Rural Location Quotient (Rural Oregon/Oregon)0.06 0.51 0.16 
Average Wage$ 159,019 $ 61,079 $ 137,020 
Exports$ 480,416,128 $ 278,260,872 $ 758,677,000 

Source: Business Oregon with data from 1) Bureau of Labor Statistics, Quarterly Census of Employment & Wages, 2) U.S. Census Bureau, Foreign Trade Division and 2012 Economic Census, 3) Oregon Employment Department Quarterly Census of Employment & Wages, and 4) Oregon Department of Forestry, log prices and Oregon timber harvest data.