High Technology Industry

Home to the Silicon Forest, the state's concentration of High Technology companies has made a name for Oregon across the globe. Companies like Intel, Tektronix, and HP have long roots in the region and have spun-off hundreds of other startups. Today there are 5,465 high tech businesses statewide. Oregon's robust high tech ecosystem provides a competitive advantage for any growing technology company.

The largest cluster of Oregon technology companies is located around the city of Hillsboro, anchored by Intel's largest facility in the world and supported by a highly skilled and experienced workforce. Oregon is one of a handful of states in the U.S. that specializes in semiconductor manufacturing. This buildup of talent and infrastructure related to Semiconductors and Electronics has contributed to the development of the fast-growing Software and Information Technology (IT) industry as well.

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Semiconductors & Electronics

Semiconductors and Electronics is Oregon's largest manufacturing sector in employment, exports, and contribution to state GDP. It's importance to the state's economy cannot be overstated, and it has played an important role in the development of the fast-growing Software and IT industry.

Oregon is home to Intel's largest global manufacturing facility, which specializes in research and development and the manufacture of some of the world's most advanced microprocessors. Intel is the largest private employer in Oregon.

The quality of the Semiconductors and Electronics workforce in Oregon is excellent, with many skilled engineers, technicians, and managers. Combined with a developed supply chain and the state's low energy costs and low cost of doing business, Oregon is a globally competitive location for Semiconductors and Electronics.

Software & IT

Software and IT is one of the fastest growing industry groups in Oregon, with 45% employment growth over the past 10 years. Nearly 5,000 Software and IT businesses call Oregon home. Software and IT companies in Oregon specialize in the areas of design, digital & social media, financial solutions, open source, training, mobile applications, and health care.

Software and IT companies are growing in Oregon due to the attractiveness of the state to younger workers and the lower cost of doing business here compared to other west coast Software and IT hubs. The industry has benefitted greatly from the presence of Semiconductors and Electronics in the state, which has helped supply and attract talented designers and engineers.

Data centers are included in Software and IT, and their growth in Oregon has provided much needed jobs in rural parts of the state. Oregon has a strong competitive advantage for data centers due to its low energy costs and temperate climate.

Industry Snapshot

2018 Annual Data

High Technology Semiconductors & Electronics Software & IT Total
´╗┐Establishments$ 528 $ 4,937 $ 5,465 
Employment$ 42,869 $ 33,885 $ 76,754 
Location Quotient (Oregon/U.S.)2.19 0.83 1.27 
Rural Location Quotient (Rural Oregon/Oregon)0.08 0.53 0.28 
Average Wage$ 132,938 $ 116,848 $ 125,834 
Exports$ 10,613,605,935 N/A $ 10,613,605,935 

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