Food & Beverages

Oregon has a long history in Food and Beverages. It's one of the greatest places to grow a diverse range of agriculture products, and has hundreds of companies doing value-added processing of those products. It's also become an iconic location for craft beer and wine. The Food and Beverage industry as we've defined here does not include Oregon's incredible agriculture products, but only value-added manufactured food and beverage products.

Oregon's fastest-growing manufacturing sector, Food and Beverages, includes brands like Nabisco, Flav-r-Pac, Bob's Red Mill, and ConAgra Foods. The industry now brings in $11 billion in sales from more than 1,200 firms across the state.

One area getting global attention is Oregon's beer and wine. Oregon has hundreds of wineries and craft breweries, and the city of Portland has more breweries than any other city in the world.


This category is essentially all food that is manufactured in some manner in Oregon, but not the commodity products that you'd associate with agriculture. From millions of pounds of tater tots to fine cheese, there are thousands of delicious products being sold throughout the world coming out of Oregon, and they're selling well. This industry has a very strong representation in rural areas as well as urban. For example, ConAgra Foods' operation in Boardman employs 400 and processes around 2 million pounds of potatoes daily. ConAgra employs 4,500 throughout the entire Columbia Basin.


Oregon beverages have become a core piece of the state's image and can often be the first manner in which someone is introduced to the state … through Oregon beer, wine or the more recent growth of spirits. With many small wineries having no or few employees, the 381 establishments listed in the employment data can be a little deceiving. The Oregon Wine Board lists 676 wineries in the state. Oregon breweries helped create the modern craft beer movement, and garner international beer awards while producing more than 1 million barrels of beer.

Industry Snapshot

Food & Beverages Food Beverages Total
Firms (2014) 858  381  1,239 
Employment (2014) 31,0991 5,0491 36,1481
Average Wage (2014) $37,8721 $34,1851 $37,3571
Exports (2014) $686,580,853  $30,459,946  $717,040,799 
Sales (2012) $10,106,819,0002 $869,589,000  $10,976,408,0002

1 Employment or wage statstic not available from 2014 BLS QCEW. Actual statistic is confidential. Figures represent estimates by Business Oregon based on one or a combination of the following: 1) percent of nondisclosable employment and wages at that NAICS level, based on distribution of establishments with nondisclosable employment and wages, 2) published employment and wage statistics in Oregon Employment Department's QCEW, 3) past employment and wage data from BLS and/or OED, 4) employment and/or wage information from published articles.

2 Sales statistic not available from 2012 Economic Census. Actual statistic is suppressed. Figures represents estimate by Business Oregon based on one or a combination of the following: 1) percent of nondisclosable sales at that NAICS level, based on distribution of establishments and/or employment with nondisclosable sales, or 2) percent of nondisclosable sales at that NAICS level based on past sales data from the 2007 Economic Census.

Source: Business Oregon with data from 1) Bureau of Labor Statistics, Quarterly Census of Employment & Wages, 2) U.S. Census Bureau, Foreign Trade Division and 2012 Economic Census, 3) Oregon Employment Department Quarterly Census of Employment & Wages, and 4) Oregon Department of Forestry, log prices and Oregon timber harvest data.