Business Services

People often think of manufacturing when they hear the term traded sector, but there's more to Oregon's traded sector than manufacturing. In today's connected world, service providers are competing more and more in national and international markets. Traded sector industries within business services include Professional and Technical Services, Company Management, and Customer Support. Oregon is an emerging, competitive market for Professional and Technical Services, such as consulting, advertising and public relations, architectural services, graphic design, and market research

Business Services is Oregon's fastest growing Target Industry Group, with 32% employment growth over the past 10 years. Wages also have grown much faster in Business Services than other Target Industry Groups. Talented, innovative workers are moving to Oregon in big numbers and many of these workers are joining and starting, fast-growing business service companies. Oregon's combination of workforce talent, outdoor and cultural amenities, and comparatively low cost of doing business have created the perfect environment for business service companies to grow and prosper.

Professional & Technical Services

Professional and Technical Services is a fast-growing, emerging industry in Oregon made up of innovative businesses and workers who are using their expertise and creativity to help businesses around the U.S., and world, grow. Management and technical consulting is the largest industry in this group, followed by engineering services and advertising, public relations, and related services. Consulting and engineering includes a number of companies who specialize in clean technology. CH2M, for example, is an employee-owned global engineering company that was founded in Corvallis and now has more than 26,000 employees worldwide. With locations in Portland, Corvallis, and Bend, CH2M Hill specializes in management of large infrastructure projects around the world, with a focus on sustainability.

Some of the best and brightest minds in advertising and public relations can be found in Oregon. Wieden+Kennedy, one of the largest independently-owned advertising agencies in the world, is based here. This industry depends on talent and throughout the Professional and Technical Services sector, workers are drawn to Oregon for its high quality of life and innovative companies.

Company Management

Oregon isn't known as a home for Fortune 500 companies (Nike being our biggest and most well-known), but we do have a competitive advantage in the Company Management industry. Company Management includes corporate and regional offices whose staff are normally tasked with strategic or organizational planning and decision-making for the company. Companies with company management operations here include Daimler Trucks, Wells Fargo, and clean technology companies Vestas and Iberdrola.

Many companies have management offices in Oregon and their numbers are growing. Companies choose to expand their offices in Oregon because their workers love it here, and companies love it too because the cost of doing business in Oregon is lower than most other states and the cost of living here is the lowest on the West Coast.

Customer Support

Oregon's competitive advantage in Customer Support comes primarily from its well-established call center industry. Call centers are found throughout Oregon, including many rural areas of the state. These jobs are an important source of income in rural communities. Other industries in Customer Support include travel arrangement services and convention and trade show organizers. These industries are smaller than the call center industry, but are growing much faster and gaining market share in the U.S. They also tend to pay a higher wage than call centers. Like the rest of Business Services, companies in Customer Support are drawn to Oregon for its quality workforce and low cost of doing business.

Industry Snapshot

Business Services Professional &
Technical Services
Company Management1 Customer Support Total
Establishments (2016) 7,121  1,242  340  8,703 
Employment (2016) 40,177  31,915  14,208  86,300 
Average Wage (2016) $74,169  $90,554  $37,018  $74,112 
Exports (2016) N/A  N/A  N/A  N/A 
Rural Location Quotient 0.30 0.36  1.43  0.49 

1 NAICS 5511 employment and wages are separated into two groups: 1) employment and wages of 12 firms recognized by Business Oregon as part of the Outdoor Gear & Apparel inudstry group are included in Apparel & Footwear within Outdoor Gear & Apparel, and 2) remainder of employment and wages in NAICS 5511 are included in Company Management within Business Services.

Source: Business Oregon with data from 1) Bureau of Labor Statistics, Quarterly Census of Employment & Wages, 2) U.S. Census Bureau, Foreign Trade Division, 2012 Economic Census, and Annual Survey of Manufacturers, 3) Oregon Employment Department Quarterly Census of Employment & Wages, and 4) Oregon Department of Forestry, log prices and Oregon timber harvest data, and 5) D&B Hoovers.