Starting a Business in Oregon

Oregon is a place where entrepreneurs and big thinkers are building diverse industries. Business Oregon networks with many organizations to help entrepreneurships find resources and access services to start a business in Oregon.

Step 1

Research and Planning
Your first step in starting a business in Oregon begins with a business plan, research and preparation. If you would like to have personal assistance with this step, contact the closest Small Business Development Center. They can help navigate the registration process, create a business plan, explore financing options and assist with a breadth of other tasks related to starting your business.

Step 2

Business registration, business tax numbers, insurance, permits & licensing, hiring and employer obligations. Find information, checklists and forms for every step at the Business Portal.

Step 3

Find Financing
If your business needs financing, Business Oregon may have a program that can assist. Visit our Financing Resources page.

Step 4

Grow Your Business
Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Make your manufacturing business leaner by working with a not-for-profit team of manufacturing experts; participate in the Grow Oregon program to experience sustained growth; take your product into foreign markets and more. Learn how we can help.