Oregon InC

In 2005, the Governor and Legislature brought together more than 40 leaders from the private sector, the state's four research universities, and government to create a new way to build innovation into the DNA of how Oregon does business. The result was the Oregon Innovation Council (Oregon InC).

Council Programs

Oregon InC is a public-private partnership that helps create new jobs and new companies, diversifying Oregon's economy and bringing federal research dollars back to the state. The council provides funding to accomplish its goals via a series of programs. Those programs are:

  • Signature Research Centers (SRCs) focus on emerging industry sectors where Oregon has innate advantages and are potential high-growth sectors in the future
  • High Impact Opportunity Projects (HIOP) are discrete projects that will support the growth of industry sectors by removing barriers, supporting product development/testing, or expediting technology commercialization of other aspects of industry innovation
  • SBIR Support Program helps small businesses access federal non-dilutive, but very competitive, funding. The program has three types of grants to assist companies: matching grants, phase 0 grants, and phase 00 grants.