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Oregon Growth Board

The Oregon Growth Board was created in the 2012 Legislative Session in an effort to spur more economic growth in Oregon. An important focus is placed on leveraging state resources to improve the availability of capital for Oregon-based high-growth companies.

The Oregon Growth Board manages two sources of investment capital—the Oregon Growth Fund and the Oregon Growth Account. Both investment sources act as a "funder of funds" exclusively, but have different purposes.

  • The Oregon Growth Fund is a capital source for smaller and sometimes newer investment vehicles, based in Oregon. Its primary function is to support economic development through investing in capital vehicles strategic to the state's priorities.
  • The Oregon Growth Account is a capital source for larger in-state and out-of-state investment vehicles with significant track records that make funding available for Oregon-based companies. Its primary function is to generate returns for its funding source, the Education Stability Fund.

The board is tasked with the administration of investments through the Oregon Growth Fund and Oregon Growth Account, as well as enhancing opportunities to leverage and attract additional capital in Oregon to support business development.


The board is comprised of nine voting members and three non-voting, Ex-officio members. Appointment to this board requires Senate approval.