Opening Remarks

Monday, October 21, 2019 • 8:45–9:25 am

Oregon's 2019 Infrastructure Card: American Society of Civil Engineers

The Opening Remarks for the Infrastructure Summit will include a presentation on the 2019 Oregon Infrastructure Report Card, which is developed by the Oregon Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers to help Oregonians understand the infrastructure they rely on daily. The Report Card provides a snapshot for residents and policymakers to engage in conversation about which challenges need to be addressed head on if our infrastructure is to continue to support the way we live, get to work, and stay healthy.

Presenting this summary of the Report Card is Mark Libby, a Sr. Bridge Engineer, Project Manager, and a Professional Associate at HDR Engineering in the Portland office. He has 30 years of experience in the bridge and transportation structures field and has worked on projects in all regions of the U.S. Mark is a Past President of the ASCE Oregon Section and has been active in the Section since 2010. He served as Chair of the Oregon Infrastructure Report Card Committee.

The Fact and Fiction of Public Investments in Adaptation and Resilience

As states begin to make investments in public infrastructure, there have arisen a number of key questions as to how climate change will impact the financial performance and risk associated with these investments. To set the tone for the day, Jesse M. Keenan will share stories and approaches to empower local governments to begin the process of mainstreaming climate change into every-day capital planning and asset management decisions.

Speaker: Jesse Keenan, Ph.D., J.D., LL.M., Harvard University

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with some of Keenan's recent work before the session, including: