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Oregon Administrative Rules

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Oregon Capital Access Program

The Oregon Capital Access (CAP) Program helps lenders (banks and credit unions) make more commercial loans to small businesses and provides capital for start-up or expansion. The program is designed for non-profit and for-profit businesses seeking funds for most business purposes.

All types of loans and lines of credit are eligible. Lenders build a loan-loss reserve each time they enroll a loan. Contributions to the loan-loss reserve account are matched by Oregon Capital Access Program.

CAP loans:

  • have enrollment fees between 3% and 7% as determined by the financial institution,
  • will receive a match on the enrollment fee of up to $35,000 per borrower and
  • have rates and terms for repayment determined by the lender.

CAP loans may not be used to:

  • purchase or improve residential housing,
  • purchase or improve real property not used for business operations or
  • refinance an existing balance of a non-enrolled loan.