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Who's Received Services?

Business Retention Services Program

The Business Retention Services Program provides consulting services to assist Oregon companies facing difficult times. The program offers companies consulting services that are delivered by some of the best and most experienced private sector consultants in the state. A consultant is matched with a company based on specific needs and industry requirements. The maximum benefits are $15,000 for consulting services and $30,000 for feasibility studies. In addition, to qualify for a feasibility study, the applicant must contribute 25% of the feasibility cost in cash.


Businesses must meet the following criteria to be eligible for program services:

  • be an Oregon company,
  • be a company facing a period of hardship, such as financial or organizational distress,
  • be willing to fully disclose its financial status to the consultant.

If eligible, the business must complete an application form, participate in a brief qualification review process and, sign a service contract if approved for the program.