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Who's Using This Program?

Oregon Administrative Rules


Aggie Bond Program

The purpose of the Beginning and Expanding Farmer Loan Program (aka Aggie Bond Program) is to provide affordable financing to new farmers for financing capital purchases.

The Aggie Bond Program allows the lender to avoid paying income taxes on interest the lender receives from the borrower. The lender passes on this savings to the borrower in the form of a lower interest rate. The state of Oregon does not provide a repayment guarantee of the Aggie Bond. The lender assumes all credit risks, and the borrower is solely responsible for repaying the Aggie Bond.

Who is Eligible

A person must:

  • be an Oregon resident
  • have a net worth of no more than $750,000
  • be a principal user of the farm and materially and substantially participate on the farm
  • have never owned/operated a farm that was larger than 30% of the county's median farm size

How it Works

The maximum Aggie Bond financing is $520,000. Aggie Bond financing can be used for:

  • Purchase of farm land
  • Costs of depreciable farm property. Financing of new depreciable property (such as construction of farm buildings and new equipment) is limited to $250,000. Financing of used depreciable farm property is limited to $62,500.

Most entities that are in the business of making agricultural loans (such as commercial banks and Northwest Farm Credit Services) are eligible to be Aggie Bond lenders. A lender may not be a substantial user of the financed property, or related to a substantial user of that property. The Aggie Bond Program has some unique features, and works most easily with eligible lenders who have reviewed the program requirements and expressed an interest in participating.

How to Participate

Interested farmers should find an eligible lender willing to provide financing, then apply to Business Oregon using the application at the right.

Lenders with questions about issuance fees and project structures should contact Business Oregon.