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thumbnail image of the resource cover 2016-12-12December 12 2016 Strategies for Broadband Infrastructure
This report of Business Oregon to the Legislative Assembly on strategies for broadband infrastructure deployment, adoption and utilization is directed by ORS 285A.070, section 1, chapter 432. The report presents the results of a study of strategies to expand broadband telecommunications infrastructure, and promote the adoption and utilization of broadband technologies in rural cities and counties for community and economic development.
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Author: Business Oregon
thumbnail image of the resource cover 2016-11-01November 1 2016 Broadband in Oregon 2016
This is the fourth report of the Oregon Broadband Advisory Council (OBAC) to the Legislative Assembly on the affordability and accessibility of broadband technology in all areas of the state and on broadband technology use in healthcare, energy management, education and government. The 2016 report will also present key broadband related challenges and opportunities facing the state.
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Author: Oregon Broadband Advisory Council
thumbnail image of the resource cover 2016-05-03May 2016 The 50 States of Broadband
A State-by-State Study on the State of Broadband Investment and Activity in Each American State. In the interest of providing current and comprehensive research regarding broadband activities currently undertaken by American states, Strategic Networks Group (SNG) in partnership with the Rural Telecommunications Congress (RTC) sought to uncover the current state of broadband activity and investment in all fifty American states. We would like to thank the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) for their support in this initiative. Data collection took place during February and March of 2016. The 10-minute online survey created for this study was completed by 48 States (Rhode Island and New Jersey chose not to participate). Each state was asked to report on five key dimensions of broadband: availability, adoption, meaningful use, growth investment, and regulation. Responses were used to rank states on these dimensions and develop a composite overall ranking.
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Author: Strategic Networks Group
thumbnail image of the resource cover 2016-04-01April 2016 The Economic Impact of Rural Broadband
This study estimates the direct and indirect economic effects of the rural telecommunications, or broadband, industry on Gross Domestic Product (GDP). It then examines the economic impact of rural broadband on other industries.
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Author: Hudson Institute
thumbnail image of the resource cover 2016-03-01March 2016 The Digital Divide and Economic Benefits of Broadband Access
This issue brief provides an overview of the state of broadband in the United States using the most recent data available from the 2014 American Community Survey and building on the Council of Economic Advisers’ previous analysis of the digital divide.1 Much progress has been made connecting Americans to broadband Internet, but a substantial digital divide remains. This brief reviews the benefits of Internet connectivity, highlighting one in particular—better labor market outcomes—that can accrue to American workers from accessing broadband Internet, especially through online job searches. Addressing the remaining digital divide will require a focus on affordability—which can be addressed by a range of measures including policies to foster more competition between broadband providers—as well as on access to devices, and digital literacy.
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Author: Council of Economic Advisers
thumbnail image of the resource cover 2014-08-01August 2014 2014 Oregon Broadband Survey Report
The Public Utility Commission of Oregon, using funds from its State Broadband Data and Development Program grant administered by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, contracted with Business Oregon, on behalf of the Oregon Broadband Advisory Council, to perform a repeat of its 2010 telephone survey on broadband adoption in Oregon. Business Oregon commissioned Pivot Group, LLC to conduct this second survey.
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Author: Pivot for Business Oregon and the Oregon Broadband Advisory Council