Reception and Screening of

Built By Zidell Portland

A David Bee Film
Monday, April 30, 2018 • 4:30 - 6:30 pm

The Zidell waterfront property lies alongside the Willamette River beside the tall condominium towers and aerial tram in the South Waterfront District of Portland, Oregon. Comprising 32 acres, it is the largest undeveloped, single-owner parcel of land in the city of Portland. Once the site of heavy industrial activity, today the brownfield property is undergoing significant redevelopment. The site's promise has been secured by the Zidell family's investment of more than $20 million, making this the largest privately funded environmental cleanup project on the Willamette River and setting the stage for future development.

The recent Zidell waterfront cleanup project is noteworthy for its innovation, stewardship, and collaboration among a diverse stakeholder group. The Zidell family delivered an integrated site cleanup that set a high standard for quality and performance. This project went beyond cleanup to include significant in-water and shoreline habitat improvements and prepared the greenway for future public access.

The family made a significant investment in its future by completing this huge cleanup project and making sure it was done right the first time. The Zidell family, already recognized for quality workmanship on seagoing barges that travel the world, applied that same focus to bringing together the right team and providing the resources necessary to complete a complex cleanup, preparing the property for the next generation of Portlanders.

The film Built by Zidell, produced by Paul Fishman and Directed by David Bee, tells the story of the Zidell family's deep connection to the property, commitment to the community, and remediation of the property. The film also introduces the next phase in the life and contribution to Portland for this extraordinary brownfield property.

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