Breakout Tracks

Track B: Approaches


Monday, April 30, 2018
10:30 am-12:00 pm | Session 1


A Developer's View of the Market—What Makes a Developer Want to Build and Where

Come listen to a panel of experts explain the market forces that drive development. As the real estate market changes over time, the metrics that could incentivize brownfield redevelopment change as well. This panel of developers and a state economist explain the various factors that create a viable brownfield redevelopment market, those that become impediments to development, as well as, how the state of the Oregon economy impacts brownfields redevelopment. Discussion will examine strategies that can be used to overcome obstacles in the market, and how these strategies change over time as the Oregon economy changes.

Moderator: David Rabbino, Jordan Ramis PC
Presenters: Joshua Lehner, Oregon Office of Economic Analysis; Noel Johnson, Cairn Pacific, LLC


Monday, April 30, 2018
2:00-3:30 pm | Session 2


Affordable Housing and Brownfields Cleanup—A Natural Partnership

With the right combination of incentives, funding, and regulatory approaches, local governments can get more brownfields cleaned up, while providing affordable and workforce housing that supports a sense of community and fosters economic growth. Come hear about current federal, state, and regional tools available and the practical ways these incentives are being applied to create affordable housing developments that reflect community, honor the past, and support economic revitalization.

Presenters: Brian Harper, Metro Senior Regional Planner; Julie Garver, Leed® AP, Director of Housing Development; Jacob Fox, Homes For Good Executive Director


Monday, April 30, 2018
3:30-4:30 pm | Session 3

Conversation Tables

  1. Let's Talk Prospective Purchaser Agreements—join an interactive discussion on Prospective Purchaser Agreements and learn about the advantages and drawbacks of this important development tool from the perspective of those who have been through the process. Moderator: Lon Yandell, GeoDesign, Inc.
  2. Oregon's Mill Site Project—until 2015, no single statewide inventory or map existed to identify the status, location or footprint of abandoned or diminished wood-product mill sites in Oregon. One now does. Find out more about the statewide database's searchable inventory of more than 500 sites as well as GIS map with indicators of socio-economic significance. Moderator: Robert Mansolillo, Oregon DLCD
  3. Redeveloping Landfills—whether formally closed or informally semi-active exist throughout Oregon. Come learn and share about some of the exciting projects already underway–you may be surprised how much is already happening on closed landfills. Moderator: Ted Wall, Maul Foster Alongi
  4. Environmental Justice—explore EJ issues and effective tools for achieving meaningful community involvement and addressing EJ in regulatory actions. Learn how communities are making a difference and share your stories. Moderator: Tiffany Johnson, Oregon DEQ
  5. Funding Opportunities to Consider—if your project is in need of brownfields funding consider joining this discussion to explore what financing mechanisms others have used that might be of assistance to you. Moderator: Karen Homolac, Business Oregon
  6. Land Bank Authority Anyone? What is a Land Bank Authority? Why could it be useful? Come ask these and any other burning questions on this unique brownfield redevelopment tool with one of the authors of the Land Bank Authority Bill. Moderators: David Rabbino, Jordan Ramis presentation
  7. Working with the Governor's Regional Solutions Teams—Regional Solutions recognizes the unique needs of each Oregon region, and the importance of working locally to identify priorities, solve problems, and complete projects. Moderator: Jennifer Purcell, Governor's North Coast Regional Solutions Team


Tuesday, May 1, 2018
9:30-10:45 am | Session 5


Regional Solutions–Partnerships for Redevelopment of Brownfields in Regionally Significant Areas

The state of Oregon has recently created programs to promote property redevelopment on a regional level to promote critical projects to stimulate regional economic development. These programs are pushing many brownfields projects forward to meet some of the most pressing needs in critical areas of the state including the preservation of industrial lands, creation of workforce housing, and enhancement of higher education and job-specific training. Come learn about the significance of the "Regionally Significant Industrial Area" designation; how Regional Solutions Teams can help foster relationships to streamline and prioritize redevelopment opportunities; how partnerships and EPA funding in Grants Pass will help the city enhance their existing industrial lands; how the Oregon State University Cascades campus has developed partners and unique funding sources to expand their growing campus onto a former landfill; and how the Metro Regional Solutions Team has assisted in the redevelopment of the Troutdale Reynolds Industrial Park.

Presenters: Scott Lindberg, City of Grants Pass; Mark Ellsworth, North Coast Region, Regional Solutions; Cheryl Grabham, Oregon DEQ, Metro Regional Solutions; Kelly Sparks, OSU-Cascades


Tuesday, May 1, 2018
11:00 am-12:15 pm | Session 6


Plotting a Brownfields Redevelopment Plan of Attack

Resources and approaches to redevelopment of a brownfields site abound. No one funding source will get it done—so where to start. Is there a right way to proceed? This session will be interactive so come with your project ideas and notes in hand and be prepared to leave this session with a back of the envelop plan of attack!

Session Leader: Daniel Holbrook, Business Oregon

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