2021-22 Oregon Broadband Office Priorities

  1. Hire staff:
    • Program Coordinator
      Status: hired on 9/27/21
    • Contract Specialist and Project Coordinators
      Status: October 2021-February 2022
    • Project Managers and GIS Analyst
      Status: requires grant, 2022
  2. Secure Funding:
    1. American Rescue Plan Act—Capital Projects Fund $120M
      The state biennium's FY budget authorized a $120M spending limitation for broadband. The state will apply for the said federal program by the US Department of the Treasury, by December 2021, enter into a grant agreement with US Treasury in early 2022, and then submit grant plans by September 2022. Grant plans are subject to review, acceptance, request modification or rejection. Funding will not be available for projects until after these steps have occurred.
      Status: October-December 2021, researching, planning, and application preparation
    2. CDBG Cares Act Funding—Impact Assistance Program funding is available now for eligible projects and applicants.
      Status: announced in June 2021
    3. EDA, ARPA State Planning Grants—Applied for $500K to create interactive broadband investment map and an interactive broadband planning map.
      Status: applied in September 2021; application is being reviewed
    4. NTIA Broadband Infrastructure Program—Applied for $16.4M for a partnership to complete projects in Josephine, Wasco, Benton, and Grant counties. NTIA is reviewing the application.
      Status: applied in August 2021, application is being reviewed
  3. Develop draft program rules—Oregon Broadband Office is participating in the PEW Charitable Trust Broadband Education and Training initiative for states program to create evidence-based programs that align with federal funding. Three programs are proposed, they are Broadband Infrastructure; Digital Literacy, Security, and Inclusion; and Outreach.
    Status: August 2021-September 2022, commenced training with PEW
  4. Create a Communications Strategy—Office updates will be posted on this website and announcements will be made to those who have signed up.
    Status: October-December 2021, work with Business Oregon's Marketing and Communications Team

Updates to these priorities will be made as information becomes available and as work priorities are accomplished.

This page last updated: October 05 2021.