Oregon Broadband Office

Oregon has a world-class telecommunications infrastructure extending throughout the state. Multiple fiber optic backbone networks with diverse routing provide excellent network reliability and connectivity delivering reliable high-capacity digital services throughout the state. Broadband internet access is widely available for businesses and residents.

The Oregon Broadband Office was established in December 2018, by Governor Brown's Executive Order, to promote access to broadband services for all Oregonians in order to improve the economy and quality of life. The office will

  • support and coordinate efforts with the Oregon Broadband Advisory Council;
  • develop and maintain a broadband map as a platform for data collection to track the availability of broadband services and measure progress as well as other related information and provide public access to the data;
  • develop broadband investment and deployment strategies; manage and award funds allocated to the office for broadband projects
  • Advocate for public policies that remove barriers, promote and coordinate solutions, support and promote broadband planning.

Read the executive order for a full list of activities the office will undertake. The Broadband Office was codified in statute in 2019 with the passage of House Bill (HB) 2173.

Oregon Broadband Map

The Oregon Broadband Map collects and reports broadband internet provider service information for facilities-based providers in Oregon. It is a platform to track the availability of broadband services to measure progress and provide public access to the data.

Oregon Broadband Advisory Council

The Broadband Advisory Council's role is to help ensure the implementation of statewide broadband strategies.

Rural Broadband Capacity Program

The Rural Broadband Capacity Program is a program to assist the deployment of broadband projects targeting rural and underserved populations.

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