Quarterly Report


Business Oregon has a variety of tools our team uses as they work on business development and infrastructure projects throughout the state of Oregon. Below is a table of Business Oregon investments separated by program over the third quarter of 2019. This does not capture all the projects Business Oregon has worked on, just those with dollars invested through the programs listed. If you have specific questions about a program, investment, or other topic, just give us a holler.

incentives, grants, & loans
84% in rural


BRF Brownfields

CDBG Community Development Block Grant

EDLF Entrepreneurial Development Loan Fund

GSRF Governor's Strategic Reserve Fund

GRS Governor's Regional Solutions

INNO Innovation

OBDF Oregon Business Development Fund

OIF Other Infrastructure Finance

PORT Port Programs

SDW Safe Drinking Water Revolving Loan Fund

SBP Small Business Programs

SPWF Special Public Works Fund

WW Water/Wastewater

WJ Western Juniper

Organization Project Description Type Approved Amount Rural/
City County House  District  Senate  District 

Brownfields Programs

City of BeavertonBeaverton Public Safety Center Assessment/CleanupGrant$ 60,000UrbanBeavertonWashington2714
City of SilvertonEugene Field School Asbestos and UST MitigationGrant$ 60,000RuralSilvertonMarion189
City of Woodburn173 Grant Street UST Removal and CleanupGrant$ 57,230RuralWoodburnMarion2211
Clatsop CountyHousehold Hazardous Waste Facility Cleanup ProjectForgivable Loan$ 60,000RuralAstoriaClatsop3216
Clatsop CountyHousehold Hazardous Waste Facility Cleanup ProjectLoan$ 195,000RuralAstoriaClatsop3216
Hacienda Community Development CorporationAsbestos Cleanup of Former Sugar ShackGrant$ 60,000UrbanPortlandMultnomah4322
Pratt PropertiesAssessment Cleanup at 1153 W 2nd AvenueLoan$ 150,000UrbanEugeneLane4523
REACH Community DevelopmentAssistance to excavate/remove contaminated soilsGrant$ 60,000UrbanPortlandMultnomah3618
St. Andrew's Episcopal Church Foundation of PrinevilleDecommission and Cleanup of USTGrant$ 60,000RuralPrinevilleCrook5528
Warm Springs Community Action TeamOld Commissary Asbestos and Lead Abatement ProjectGrant$ 39,160RuralWarm SpringsJefferson5930
Wild Rivers Land TrustBagley Creek Mill Site environmental assessmentGrant$ 53,220RuralPort OrfordCurry11
Total$ 854,610

Community Development Block Grant

City of IndependencePolk County Housing Rehabilitation ProgramGrant$ 400,000RuralIndependencePolk2010
City of Saint HelensFood Bank Design & ConstructionGrant$ 1,500,000RuralSt. HelensColumbia3116
City of TillamookSewer RehabilitationGrant$ 2,500,000RuralTillamookTillamook3216
Fair Housing Council of OregonFair Housing 2019Grant$ 110,675UrbanPortlandMultnomah3618
Harney CountyHousing Rehabilitation ProgramGrant$ 400,000RuralBurnsHarney6030
Root Policy ResearchUpdate to Analysis of Impediments to Fair HousingGrant$ 87,300UrbanDenverN/A
Total$ 4,997,975

Entrepreneurial Development Loan Fund

LittoralRockaway BeachLoan$ 50,000RuralRockaway BeachTillamook3216
MistyKitt LLCRestaurant and CatererLoan$ 70,000RuralGaribaldiTillamook3216
Total$ 120,000

Governor's Regional Solutions

City of ReedsportLevee Vulnerability Assessment & RepairGrant$ 103,125RuralReedsportDouglas95
City of JosephWest Industrial Area Utiltiy Extension ImprovementGrant$ 145,000RuralJosephWallowa5829
Lake CountyAirport Utility ReplacementGrant$ 150,000RuralLakeviewLake5628
City of NewbergCrestview Drive ImprovementsGrant$ 740,000RuralNewbergYamhill2513
City of Baker CityElkhorn View Industrial Power DevelopmentGrant$ 121,183RuralBaker CityBaker6030
City of PendletonUAS Test Range Hangar ProjectGrant$ 300,000RuralPendletonUmatilla5829
Total$ 1,559,308

Governor's Strategic Reserve Fund

Agility Robotics Inc.Agility Robotics BuildoutForgivable Loan$ 78,390UrbanAlbanyLinn158
Lukla IncProject NasaForgivable Loan$ 150,000UrbanPortlandMultnomah3317
Small Manufacturing Business Expan ProgSmall Manufacturing Business Expansion ProgramForgivable Loan$ 50,000N/AStatewideStatewide
Small Manufacturing Business Expan ProgSmall Manufacturing Business Expansion ProgramForgivable Loan$ 15,000N/AStatewideStatewide
R/GA Media Group Inc.Project BlockchainForgivable Loan$ 450,000UrbanPortlandMultnomah3317
Restoration Fuel LLCBiomass Torrefaction FacilityForgivable Loan$ 200,000RuralJohn DayGrant6030
Total$ 943,390


BioSpeech Inc.Business Plan for Prosody Assessment ToolboxGrant$ 138,796UrbanPortlandMultnomah3518
Blade Runner LLCDevelopment of Renewable Energy DeviceGrant$ 149,266UrbanBendDeschutes5327
Chargeway LLCChargeway Oregon Pilot Project with PartnersGrant$ 75,000UrbanPortlandMultnomah4322
City of PendletonMobile Mission Control Vehicle ProjectGrant$ 301,122RuralPendletonUmatilla5829
Cogmetric LLCTRACK Development and MarketingGrant$ 47,816UrbanEugeneLane84
Continuous Solutions LLCHigh-Performance Motor ControllerGrant$ 148,855UrbanPortlandMultnomah3618
Curadite Inc.Curadite Medication Management PlatformGrant$ 97,605UrbanBeavertonWashington3417
CytoImage Dx LLCCytoImage Scale-up and Business DevelopmentGrant$ 100,000UrbanPortlandMultnomah3618
Diatomix Inc.Streamlining and Diversification of ManufacturingGrant$ 99,958UrbanBeavertonWashington2714
eWind Solutions Inc.Commercial Activities for Tethered Wind Energy DeviceGrant$ 99,915UrbanBeavertonWashington2714
Gadusol Laboratories IncGadusol Testing and DevelopmentGrant$ 58,825UrbanCorvallisBenton168
Health Technology CollaborativeInventor Space Feasibility StudyGrant$ 147,620UrbanBeavertonWashington3417
Kerr AvionicsTesting Prototype and Market DevelopmentGrant$ 100,000UrbanWest LinnClackamas3719
Liquid Wire IncLiquid Wire Inc. Soft Solder TestingGrant$ 97,060UrbanBeavertonWashington2714
Neuralexo IncNovel Stroke Treatment Compounds to Clinical TrialGrant$ 112,523UrbanPortlandMultnomah3618
OmnEcoil Instruments Inc.OmnEcoil Instruments PrototypingGrant$ 100,000UrbanPortlandMultnomah3618
Onboard Dynamics Inc.Mobile Natural Gas CompressorsGrant$ 100,000UrbanBendDeschutes5327
Oregon Institute of TechnologyOMIC R & D ScappooseGrant$ 500,000RuralScappooseColumbia3116
Rogue Approach IncorporatedHybrid Propulsion for Aerial VehiclesGrant$ 98,568UrbanBendDeschutes5327
RUTE Foundation Systems IncRUTE Foundation Systems Lattice Gantry CraneGrant$ 100,000UrbanPortlandMultnomah4322
Sedia Biosciences CorporationPouch Integrity Test SystemGrant$ 146,630UrbanPortlandMultnomah4422
Stark Street Materials CompanyStark Street Materials Corporation PrototypingGrant$ 88,000UrbanPortlandMultnomah3618
Stratus Digital Systems Inc.Stratus Digital Systems Bridge FundingGrant$ 100,000UrbanEugeneLane137
Suturegard Medical Inc.SUTUREGARD Medical Device DevelopmentGrant$ 95,600UrbanPortlandMultnomah3618
Uccellini LLCUccellini Proof of ConceptGrant$ 99,637UrbanBendDeschutes5427
Veana Therapeutics LLCPlan/Market Dev/IP Prot. for Cancer Treatment PrdGrant$ 50,000UrbanPortlandMultnomah3417
Total$ 3,252,796

Oregon Business Development Fund

AXTS Inc. dba Radian WeaponsManufacturing FacilityLoan$ 1,000,000RuralRedmondDeschutes5327
The Joinery Holding CompanyBusiness ExpansionLoan$ 1,000,000UrbanPortlandMultnomah4221
Voila Inc.Business Expansion for Targeted Industry GroupLoan$ 58,400UrbanBendDeschutes5427
Total$ 2,058,400

Other Infrastructure Finance

SOREDIFire Resiliency & S Oregon Visitor PerceptionsGrant$ 51,850UrbanMedfordJackson63
City of Falls CityEconomic Resiliency PlanningGrant$ 45,000RuralFalls CityPolk105
Crescent Sanitary DistrictCrescent SD Wastewater System ImprovementsGrant$ 3,000,000RuralCrescentKlamath5528
Greater Eastern Oregon Development CorporationUmatilla Basin Basalt Stabilization & Banking ProgGrant$ 50,000RuralPendletonUmatilla5829
South Central Oregon Economic Development DistrictLake County Fairgrounds Master PlanGrant$ 50,000RuralLakeviewLake5628
Mid-Columbia Economic Development DistrictColumbia Gorge Regional Economic Resilience ImplemGrant$ 50,000RuralThe DallesWasco5930
City of John DayComprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS)Grant$ 50,000RuralJohn DayGrant6030
Mid-Columbia Economic Development DistrictHood River Co Energy Plan Implementation ProjectGrant$ 6,000RuralThe DallesWasco5930
Port of Cascade LocksInfrastructure and New Business DevelopmentGrant$ 500,000RuralCascade LocksHood River5226
Total$ 3,802,850

Ports Programs

Port of Hood RiverLot #1 Industrial Demand AnalysisGrant$ 17,955RuralHood RiverHood River5226
Total$ 17,955

Safe Drinking Water Fund

City of Estacada500K Gallon North ReservoirLoan$ 465,000RuralEstacadaClackamas3920
City of Estacada500K Gallon North ReservoirForgivable Loan$ 85,000RuralEstacadaClackamas3920
City of YamhillWater Transmission Line ReplacementLoan$ 2,920,543RuralYamhillYamhill2412
City of YamhillWater Transmission Line ReplacementForgivable Loan$ 530,000RuralYamhillYamhill2412
City of North PlainsWater Master Plan Seismic StudyForgivable Loan$ 20,000RuralNorth PlainsWashington3015
City of ScappooseSeismic Risk Assessment and Mitigation PlanForgivable Loan$ 20,000RuralScappooseColumbia3116
City of Bay CityGIS for Managing Water System AssetsForgivable Loan$ 20,000RuralBay CityTillamook3216
City of TurnerSeismic Risk Assessment and Mitigation PlanForgivable Loan$ 20,000RuralTurnerMarion1910
City of YamhillSeismic Risk Assessment and Mitigation PlanForgivable Loan$ 20,000RuralYamhillYamhill2412
Langlois Water DistrictLanglois Water Plant and Water Tank ReplacementForgivable Loan$ 20,000RuralLangloisCurry11
Sleepy Hollow Phase I Water SystemWater System Feasibility StudyForgivable Loan$ 20,000UrbanSalemMarion2211
Manzanita Hills Homeowners AssociationFeasibility StudyForgivable Loan$ 20,000RuralShady CoveJackson5528
Tooley Water DistrictAsset Planning and Leak Detection StudyForgivable Loan$ 20,000RuralThe DallesWasco5930
Total$ 4,180,543

Small Business Programs

T & G Trucking and Freight Company Inc.Business retention servicesGrant$ 15,000UrbanPortlandMultnomah4422
Total$ 15,000

Special Public Works Fund

City of AstoriaOld Hwy 30 & Maritime Rd Ownership & Access RightsGrant$ 51,000RuralAstoriaClatsop3216
City of BrookingsSalmon Run Golf Course Event CenterLoan$ 65,000RuralBrookingsCurry11
City of King CityCity Hall RemodelLoan$ 1,244,791RuralKing CityWashington2613
City of OaklandRaw Water Intake RepairLoan$ 1,101,750RuralOaklandDouglas74
City of OaklandRaw Water Intake RepairGrant$ 367,250RuralOaklandDouglas74
City of RainierA Street PlazaLoan$ 300,000RuralRainierColumbia3116
GIS Planning Inc.Oregon ProspectorGrant$ 125,000N/AStatewideStatewide
Owyhee Irrigation DistrictMalheur Siphon Structural Improvement ProjectLoan$ 400,000RuralNyssaMalheur6030
Port of Brookings HarborDock & Piles Repair/ReplacementGrant$ 229,347RuralBrookingsCurry11
Port of Columbia CountyComposites MIP—E Production Building ProjectLoan$ 900,000RuralColumbia CityColumbia3116
Port of Columbia CountyComposites MIP—E Production Building ProjectGrant$ 100,000RuralColumbia CityColumbia3116
Port of SiuslawDamaged Sidebank Repair—RV Campground Prot FEMAGrant$ 53,160RuralFlorenceLane95
Powder Valley Water Control DistrictPowder Valley ConnectorLoan$ 134,000RuralNorth PowderUnion5829
Union CountyAirport Rappel Base BuildingLoan$ 4,000,000RuralLa GrandeUnion5829
Total$ 9,071,298

Water/Wastewater Fund

City of HuntingtonWastewater System ConstructionGrant$ 500,000RuralHuntingtonBaker6030
City of HuntingtonWastewater System ConstructionLoan$ 706,995RuralHuntingtonBaker6030
City of MonumentFinal Design: Water System Compliance ProjectLoan$ 23,500RuralMonumentGrant6030
City of MonumentFinal Design: Water System Compliance ProjectGrant$ 23,500RuralMonumentGrant6030
City of YachatsWater Master PlanGrant$ 20,000RuralYachatsLincoln95
Total$ 1,273,995

Western Juniper Industry Grant

Southfork Juniper Works LLCJuniper Business ExpansionGrant$ 35,000RuralDayvilleGrant6030
Total$ 35,000