Double Mountain Reaches New Heights in Hood River

Double Mountain Brewery entered the crowded Oregon microbrew scene relatively late—in March 2007—but the five-year-old brewery has quickly won praise and a loyal following of beer drinkers and critics alike.

Now the brewery, started by Mathew Swihart and Charles Deveraux, who once worked together at Full Sail Brewing in the early 1990s, is poised for a new round of growth. In May 2012, the brewery completed an expansion of its taproom, restaurant and production space including a brand new first—a bottling line.

Business Oregon helped the co-founders fund their first expansion, in 2010, when the brewery purchased its brewpub/restaurant location in Hood River enabling it to add eight new jobs. Double Mountain ranked as the 10th largest Oregon microbrewery (based upon barrels sold in Oregon) in July 2011 selling more than 3,000 barrels of fine ales to Oregon customers.

Business Oregon provided a $250,000 loan from the Oregon Business Development Fund that allowed the young company to buy the facility it had previously leased for its operations. The 2012 expansion included a move into a second building next door in downtown Hood River.

The expanded operations also will mean beer lovers in Oregon will soon get to taste their favorite Double Mountain ales in a bottle for the first time. But there is nothing quite like stopping in the Double Mountain Taproom after a visit to either Cascade peak for a cold beer and some hot pizza.