Phony Calls Impersonating Business Oregon

Business Oregon has been receiving complaints from Oregon businesses that they are being contacted by callers representing to be from the state's business development office, with the caller asking for details on business size, future plans, revenues, etc.

These calls are not coming from Business Oregon, nor any other of Oregon's state agencies.

We provide a broad range of services and expertise to help Oregon businesses grow. If any Oregon business would like more information on how we can assist, we encourage them to browse this Web site and to contact a Business Development Officer in their region. We do not do cold-call telemarketing.

It appears these calls are happening in other states as well. If you are contacted, we recommend you do not give these callers any information. Ask for the caller's name, title and how they got your number.

If you are unsure of the caller's legitimacy, you can always contact our staff through our main desk at 503-986-0123, or via direct line numbers. The Oregon Department of Justice has asked that Oregon businesses being contacted fill out their brief online form.

We regret that Oregon businesses are having to take time to deal with these unwanted callers, and are working to do what we can to make them stop.