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Western Juniper Industry Fund

Western Juniper is a native tree known for its durability, is impervious to rot and disease, and is a great alternative to cedar and redwood use in buildings. More than 100 years of fire suppression and past rangeland activity has allowed the Juniper to overtake upwards of 9 million acres of rangelands, using up water and destroying habitat for wildlife.

In 2013, the Western Juniper Alliance (WJA) began implementation of an initiative working toward a sustainable way to manage the spread of invasive Western Juniper and grow the market as a way to support and create new business opportunities. Removing the invasive juniper improves the ecosystem and creates much-needed jobs in rural communities.

In the 2015 Legislative Session, the Oregon Legislature approved $500,000 to establish the Western Juniper Industry Fund managed by Business Oregon. The fund's purpose is to provide economic development assistance to Oregon businesses engaged in harvesting or manufacturing products from Western Juniper.

Loans for Capital Investment and Permanent Working Capital are available to assist with Oregon Western Juniper businesses' expansion projects.

Capital Investment

  • $20,000 minimum loan amount
  • $100,000, or 75% of project cost, whichever is less, maximum loan available
  • applicant must provide minimum 10% of project cost in cash

The loan may not be used to retire an existing debt, in whole or in part.

Eligible Projects
Projects can include, but are not limited to:

  • Property/Building Acquisition
  • New Construction
  • Building Renovation
  • Equipment/Machinery

Permanent Working Capital

  • $20,000 minimum loan amount
  • $50,000, or 90% of working capital budget, whichever is less, maximum loan available
  • applicant must provide minimum 10% of working capital budget in cash

No more than 10% of the fund will be available to businesses whose primary product is firewood.

Business Eligibility

A complete list of requirements is included in the Program Guidelines.

How and When to Apply

Applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis, as long as funding remains available. Download the applicationPDF and Program GuidelinesPDF; complete the application and submit it to Business Oregon according to the steps and instructions outlined in the Program Guidelines.