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COVID-19: Small Business Navigator

Emergency Small Business Assistance

Emergency Small Business Assistance Grants

Business Oregon delivered nearly $50 million to the hands of small business owners in our communities suffering in the wake of the pandemic through this grant fund. The initial rounds of funding went to intermediary organizations that in turn provided grants locally in their respective regions. The final round was issued directly by Business Oregon to small businesses.

There were five rounds in total with the first opening in May 2020, and the final round in November 2020.

Rounds 1-4—For business with fewer than 25 employees receiving no (or little) federal assistance (through intermediaries like cities, counties, EDDs, CDFIs).

  • 6,873 businesses receiving grants
  • $28,607,238 in grant funding

Round 5—For businesses with 26-100 employees, or 1-25 that received more than $100k federal assistance (direct to businesses from Business Oregon):

  • 611 businesses receiving grants
  • $19,933,000 in grant funding


Round Details

Round 5—Direct awards from Business Oregon to businesses with between 26-100 employees, as only smaller businesses were eligible for previous rounds to hit smaller businesses first. This round had $20M available and opened for applications November 18, 2020.

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