Oregon Sites & Infrastructure

Industrial land is one of the state's most valuable resources in terms of net contributions to the state's economy and tax base. The traded sector firms that locate on industrial land are an engine of expansion, spurring growth in the service sector and paying family wages to a broad spectrum of workers.

Industrial Development

The 2011 Legislature created the Economic Recovery Review Council (ERRC) and two programs that streamline the process to ready industrial lands for business. One program focuses on up to 10 projects per biennium that may be subjected to an expedited process when job creation, wage and other criteria are met. The second manages industrial areas regionally where between five and 15 areas planned and zoned for industrial use that have potential long-term job creation and meet other criteria that must be maintained for employment uses.

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Industrial Site Certification

Oregon's industrial site certification program is recognized as one of the most comprehensive shovel-ready programs in the country. It is a rigorous program that is trusted by the market and has been a factor in many of the state's largest employment successes. Oregon certified sites are ready for construction within six months or less and are certified "project-ready" for specific industry profiles.

Decision-Ready Sites
Most sites will move through a new decision-ready designation before they become certified. The decision-ready designation is a fast track tool that allows site owners and communities to quickly assess the readiness of their industrial sites and sticks to the primary tenants of certification. While the decision-ready designation does not offer the 180-day employment-ready guarantee, it does reduce risk for potential employers and developers while also helping communities and the state make policy and investment decisions.

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Find a location

Already know what type of property you need? Business Oregon has partnered with other economic development organizations across the state in order to provide a database of certified sites, along with other available industrial land and buildings, at www.oregonprospector.com.



A brownfield is property where expansion or redevelopment is complicated by actual or perceived environmental contamination. Oregon’s Brownfields programs range in activities from site assessment to cleanup for properties where known or suspected environmental contamination is a barrier to redevelopment. >>Learn more


Business Oregon helps facilitate the deployment and utilization of telecommunications infrastructure to support innovation, create economic opportunities and build quality communities throughout Oregon.

Oregon has a world-class telecommunications infrastructure extending throughout the state. Multiple fiber optic backbone networks with diverse routing provide excellent network reliability and connectivity statewide. >>Learn more

For additional infrastructure information see the programs administered by the Infrastructure Finance Authority.