High Technology

Home to the Silicon Forest, the local concentration of high-tech companies have made a name for Oregon across the globe. Three companies sparked the evolution of high-tech in Oregon: Tektronix in the 1960s, Mentor Graphics in the '70s and Intel in the '80s. These companies have each spun-off hundreds of other startups, and evolved into a robust supply chain that can provide a competitive advantage to any technology company looking at expansion.

The largest cluster of Oregon technology companies is located around the city of Hillsboro, anchored by Intel's largest facility in the world and supported by a highly skilled and experienced workforce. This buildup of talent and infrastructure has spawned other sectors such as bioscience, digital displays and software development.

Industry Snapshot

Firms (2011):10,235
Employees (2011):98,434
Average Wage (2011):$90,100
Export Value (2012):$7.8 billion
Sales (2007): $43.7 billion

Oregon is home to more than 1,500 software companies, and is particularly strong in the areas of finance, open source, education, mobile and healthcare applications. Healthcare-associated software companies have helped grow a strong bioscience industry that benefits from a renowned research facility in Oregon Health and Sciences University, located in Portland. Learn more >>