Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced manufacturing has long been at the heart of Oregon's economy, with more than 10% of all private-sector jobs statewide found in this key industry. As technology and markets have evolved over the decades, Oregon's highly competitive manufacturing industry has continued to innovate and prosper. Many of Oregon's manufacturing firms compete globally, in everything from precision instruments and medical products to steel fabrication and trucking. Oregon's manufacturing sector has an extensive supply chain that reaches into every Oregon community.

Oregon was just recognized at the best state in the nation for manufacturing by the American Institute for Economic Research. With a focus on quality and adding value in advanced manufacturing products, Oregon has developed and maintained a skilled workforce ready for the modern manufacturing environment. Oregon universities and community colleges work directly with businesses and labor organizations to tailor training and education programs to meet industry demand, and work to gether to innovate products.

Industry Snapshot

Firms (2011):3,373
Employees (2011):88,888
Average Wage (2011):$46,826
Export Value (2012):$4.2 billion
Sales (2007): $36.3 billion

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