Oregon’s Industries

While Oregon is home to a wide breadth of diverse industries, the state also recognizes five key industries in which it holds global competitive advantages.

Advanced Manufacturing

Oregon has transformed itself into a value-added manufacturing economy that continues to grow and prosper. Many of Oregon’s manufacturing firms compete globally, in everything from high-tech and health care to steel fabrication and trucking. Learn more >>

Clean Technology

Clean technology, and renewable energy in particular, is a booming industry across the globe, and Oregon has competitive advantages that have put the state in the top position in the marketplace. Learn more >>

Forestry & Wood Products

Oregon is the largest lumber producer in the U.S. yielding the highest quality lumber in the world. Advanced technology has streamlined the processing of Oregon timber and finished wood products, making the industry more competitive and less labor intensive. Learn more >>

High Technology

Home to the Silicon Forest, the local concentration of high-tech, “small-tech” and semiconductor companies have made a name for Oregon across the globe. Learn more >>

Outdoor Gear & Activewear

Oregon provides the ideal location for outdoor gear and activewear companies to flourish. Oregon is home to global giant Nike, as well as Columbia Sportswear and adidas America. Learn more >>

Supporting Industry Growth

High Tech Extension Service

The High Tech Extension Service connects businesses with these R&D resources, providing companies with access to research, technology development, prototyping and testing without the added cost of in-house staff and facilities. You get immediate access to highly skilled workers, clean room facilities, contract processing for remote customers and on-site training whether you need a quick fix to a short-term problem or help with long-range development of new products. Learn more >>

Industry Supply Chain

Oregon is home to an impressive array of world-class companies with state-of-the-art product lines, technical expertise and manufacturing capabilities, ready and able to supply customers anywhere on the globe. In order to help potential clients identify Oregon companies who can meet their needs—and continue to build value-added supply chains in Oregon—Business Oregon is partnering with the Pacific Northwest Defense Coalition to present the Northwest Connectory.

The Northwest Connectory is a robust online buyer-supplier database that profiles the core competencies and technical capabilities of Oregon companies and helps connect them to buyers in the state and across the globe. Learn more >>