Enterprise Zones

Oregon's enterprise zones offer a unique resource to Oregon communities, and an excellent opportunity for businesses growing or relocating in Oregon. Primarily, enterprise zones exempt businesses from local property taxes on new investments.

Sponsored by municipal or tribal governments, an enterprise zone typically serves as a focal point for local development efforts. There are currently 66 enterprise zones creating better opportunities for business investment across Oregon: 53 rural and 13 urban.

Standard Enterprise Zone Program

If growing employment in an enterprise zone, eligible (generally non-retail) businesses can receive total exemption from the property taxes normally assessed on new plant and equipment for at least three years (but in many cases, up to five years). Learn more >>

Special Zone Features

In addition, some enterprise zones can offer special business tax incentives.

  • Long-term Rural Enterprise Zone Facilities
    Available in most rural designations, the long-term program extends property tax abatement to as long as 15 years on new facility improvements and installations. Any type of business activity is eligible, but these incentives depend on local approval and varying levels of minimum investment, job creation and employee compensation at the facility, depending on location. Learn more >>
  • Electronic Commerce Zones
    Several enterprise zones have received special status to further encourage electronic commerce or "e-commerce," investments. Learn more >>
  • Tribal Designations
    Federally-recognized tribes in Oregon may have any of the tribe's land designated as a "reservation enterprise zone." The tribal government is the zone "sponsor." A tribe also may partner with a local government on a special designation. Learn more >>

Sponsoring an Enterprise Zone

An Enterprise Zone is sponsored by a local government (city, county, tribe or port). An enterprise zone involves duties and opportunities for the sponsor, especially the ability to change the zone's boundary. For local governments interested in obtaining or retaining a zone, an application period for designations occurs as needed. Rounds of designation will be announced on the following web page along with needed forms and sample materials. Learn more >>

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