Oregon Food Processing

For well over 100 years, cargo ships have traveled from Oregon ports, carrying a bounty of agricultural exports, grown or processed here in the Northwest.

Oregon's renowned retail food products have helped put the state on the map, like Rogue Creamery's famous Oregon Blue cheese, which beat out its global rivals at the London World Cheese Awards, the first time an American cheese has ever won. And certainly not to be forgotten are Oregon's excellent wine and craft beer producers. Oregon is home to 120 brewing companies and 450 wineries, many of which export their products to connoisseurs worldwide.

Innovation is driving Oregon's food industry. State-sponsored research is making food processors more productive while cutting energy consumption by 25% in the next 10 years. New products are being developed by university researchers to keep Oregon's famous seafood fresher and more nutritious.

Team Oregon

TEAM Oregon is a coalition of Business Oregon and multiple local/regional economic development organizations in the state. The group markets Oregon's advantages as a location for food processing.

The team's mission is to identify growing and expanding food processors, develop relationships and generate business recruitment leads. At the same time, we are supporting our existing food producers by developing stronger resources and valuable information about their industry.

The team is collecting industry data and valuable resources designed to help recruit, retain and expand the multi-million dollar food processing industry in Oregon. Strategically positioned to support the food processing industry in our local communities, together, we send a strong message to out-of-state companies that Oregon is open for business and that we will welcome their business to expand into our state.

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