Oregon Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing is a vibrant and diverse industry in Oregon. It includes innovative manufacturers throughout the state who develop and utilize advanced materials in their products. The development and use of advanced materials means manufacturers will create more competitive, innovative products marketable globally. Oregon's advanced manufacturers are particularly competitive in the development and use of advanced metals. The metals industry has a long history in Oregon, and it continues to drive innovation of advanced materials in the state.

Advanced manufacturers increasingly turn to exports for growth. Advanced Manufacturing exports from Oregon have doubled in the past ten years. Export growth is not limited to one sector of Advanced Manufacturing either, Upstream Metals and Machinery, Aerospace and Defense, and Biomedical have all experienced tremendous export growth.

Emerging sectors within Advanced Manufacturing include Aerospace and Defense, and Biomedical. Both sectors are growing jobs, increasing their market shares nationally, and have tripled exports over the past ten years.

Team Oregon

TEAM Oregon is a coalition of Business Oregon and multiple local/regional economic development organizations in the state. The group markets Oregon's advantages as a location for advanced manufacturing.

The team's mission is to identify growing and expanding manufacturers, develop relationships and generate business recruitment leads. At the same time, we support our existing manufacturers by connecting them to opportunities, developing stronger resources and collecting valuable information about their industry. We also recruit companies to fill strategic missing links in the supply chain and attract buyers and suppliers to support Oregon companies

The team is collecting industry data and valuable resources designed to help recruit, retain and expand manufacturing in Oregon. by pooling resources and combining efforts to promote manufacturing industry in our local communities, together, we send a strong message to out-of-state companies that Oregon is open for business and offers many competitive advantages to support their success.

See team members and discover how you can join the team or participate in upcoming events.