Oregon OTPP Application & Export Plan

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If you haven't already, visit export.gov to complete your Export Questionnaire and note your score (0-100%) for entry later in this form.

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I'm currently working with Business Oregon's Global Trade Specialist (if applicable)
Tom DiCorcia        Alexa Hamilton       Sunun Setboonsarng       Dana Shannon

Trade Event Participation

What products/equipment/services do you wish to export?

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Company objectives for trade event participation (check all that apply):

Find sales agent or distributor
Find joint venture partner
Find licensee

Exposure to business contacts
Sales during event
Market research

Export Status and Interests

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beginning to export      export to new markets      increase exports in a market      increase exports and access new markets

If you haven't already, visit export.gov to complete your Export Questionnaire.
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Get additional information on export planning basics and guidelines for developing a detailed export plan.

Please provide the names and dates of any specific trade shows, missions or export opportunitites you hope to use OTPP funds for.


Export Goals & Objectives

What is the company's broad export objectives and time-frame?

Which markets, and why, are you interested in exporting to?

What is the company's assessment of the demand for the products or services in the intended market?

How will export operations be supported?

What are the potential impacts of exporting upon production?

What are the capital needs for beginning or increasing export operations?

What is the trade infrastructure and what are the intended distribution channels in the given markets?

Exporting Approach
Direct exporting      Indirect through intermediaries (importer, distributor, agent, etc)
Other Explanation

Funding Background

Are you receiving funding from any other source for trade promotion or training?    Yes      No

If yes, please describe.

I understand that as a condition of receiving financial assistance, as described in the Grant Agreement, I will be required to provide Performance Reports and Expense Reports three times: immediately, at 6 months and at 12 months.

Once this application has been submitted, it will be reviewed and you will be contacted by a Global Trade Specialist. Submission of a completed application does not guarantee an award of grant funds.

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