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December 4, 2017 Media Contact

Business Oregon Releases New Five Year Strategic Plan

Today Business Oregon released a strategic plan that maps out priorities, strategies, and actions for the state of Oregon's economic development agency over the next five years.

"While Oregon's economy has one of the best GDP growth in the nation, low unemployment levels, and record export growth, I'm focused on ensuring economic growth reaches all corners of the state, particularly in our rural communities," Governor Brown said. "That's why Business Oregon's new direction lays out clear priorities focused on innovation, growing our small businesses, stabilizing our rural economies, and promoting shared prosperity throughout Oregon."

The plan identifies the most pressing economic development challenges confronting the state of Oregon, from both quantitative analysis and qualitative perspectives of stakeholders. The resulting priorities and strategies developed specifically address the shifting economic landscape, changing demographics, and unique strengths of Oregon's industries, businesses, and entrepreneurs.

"This plan is targeted and outcome-focused," said Business Oregon director Chris Harder. "Our strategic plan will inform our initiatives, work plans, program implementation, and budget decisions. And we know outcomes of our work will not be achieved alone, our partnerships throughout the state will determine our shared success."

Business Oregon communicated with hundreds of stakeholders. Participants included state legislators and elected officials, local governments, tribal leaders, heads of regional business development organizations, business CEOs, representatives of academic institutions, entrepreneurs, and Business Oregon staff.

Priorities identified in the plan are:

  1. Innovate Oregon's Economy
  2. Grow Small- and Middle-market Companies
  3. Cultivate Rural Economic Stability
  4. Advance Economic Opportunity for Underrepresented People
  5. Ensure an Inclusive, Transparent, and Fiscally Healthy Agency

The full plan and supporting analysis is available on our website.

Business Oregon, the state's lead economic development agency, invests in Oregon businesses, communities, and people to promote a globally competitive, diverse, and inclusive economy. Our services span rural community development and infrastructure financing; business retention, expansion and recruitment; export promotion and international trade; investments in industry research and development and entrepreneurship; small business assistance; and support for arts and cultural organizations.