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March 15, 2017 Media Contact
Nathan Buehler 503-689-3559

Oregon Hosts First Mass Timber Summit to Drive Growth in Wood Products Industry

On March 27, industry leaders from around the world will come together in Oregon to discuss best practices and innovative ideas on how to advance the mass timber industry in Oregon. Mass timber is the name for massive, very strong engineered wood panels used in commercial construction, the most recognized being cross-laminated timber, or "CLT."

The Summit takes place the day before the larger International Mass Timber Conference begins at the Oregon Convention Center. The Conference draws international experts to address how to advance the global mass timber industry, and how to increase the use of wood in mid-rise and tall buildings across the world.

The state of Oregon and Governor Kate Brown wanted to capitalize on the opportunity to host an Oregon-specific event and bring together global experts to talk about the industry and product use in Oregon.

"Mass timber presents a new opportunity for Oregon, one that we are perfectly suited to take on," said Oregon Governor Kate Brown. "Our forests grow the most desirable species for mass timber, and we're ahead of the pack in use and production in the U.S. This creates a great opportunity for both rural and urban Oregon alike."

Oregon is home to the first certified, commercial producer of Cross Laminated Timber in the United States, DR Johnson Company in Riddle, Oregon. The country's tallest wood-framed building is also completing construction in Oregon using CLT, the Carbon12 building in Portland.

While Oregon is ahead in the U.S. market, there is much to learn from global experts. There are more than 500 buildings in the United Kingdom alone that use mass timber construction. The Summit and Conference provide the opportunity for sharing the knowledge and experience of producers, designers, engineers, builders, regulators, etc.

The Summit takes place at the Left Bank Annex in Portland, Oregon, and costs only $25. Registration and a full agenda can be found at A happy hour featuring Oregon wine and beer follows the event.

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