Oregon Innovation Plan

An innovation-driven economy is the foundation for forming new companies, creating high-wage jobs, attracting talent and capital, and new businesses moving to the state.

Oregon has develop a stakeholder-driven statewide plan to set direction for innovation policy as part of the overall economic development recovery strategy in Oregon. Oregon's ability to recover from the economic crisis caused by COVID-19 will depend in large part upon its capacity to foster the formation of new, innovation-based, entrepreneurial-led businesses and sustain their growth as they scale-up and generate new, high-paying jobs.

The Innovation Plan was developed by the Futures Commission, a public-private thought leadership group comprised of 31 members representing leaders from industry, academia, philanthropy, and the public sector, along with successful entrepreneurs. The commission reviewed Oregon’s existing innovation ecosystem and engaged with more than 125 diverse stakeholders across the state.

Oregon’s 10-year Innovation Vision

In 10 years, Oregon is globally known as a model for a diverse, inclusive, and resilient economy: a place where innovative people solve the greatest challenges of our times to create novel, sustainable products, processes, and companies that drive economic growth. To achieve this Vision, Oregon, serving as a steward for all its citizens, will support investments and policies through public-private-philanthropic partnerships that:

  • Create and promote a diverse and inclusive innovation ecosystem that cultivates inventors, entrepreneurs, and leaders of innovation-driven enterprises.
  • Intentionally ensure that historically underserved groups are fully integrated into the innovation ecosystem and have an equal opportunity to lead and prosper.
  • Strengthen Oregon’s unique industrial and natural resources.
  • Create an unparalleled quality of life by supporting citizens and businesses striving for economic, societal, and environmental resilience.

The final Innovation Plan was released on February 16, 2021.this is a PDF file