High Impact Opportunity Projects

High Impact Opportunity Projects (HIOPs) are projects that support the growth of target industry sectors in Oregon by removing barriers to research and development, product development and testing, technology commercialization, and other aspects of industry innovation. Historically, Oregon InC has supported emerging, potentially high-value industry sectors by funding initiatives with potential to build or coalesce industry clusters around new or emerging technology in specific areas where Oregon holds unique, national advantages.

HIOPs are anticipated to last from 6 to 18 months, and all projects are expected to support the growth of an industry, not an individual business. Oregon InC has identified three industry sectors as priorities for the HIOP program:

active lifestyle

Active Lifestyle—digital health, apparel & outdoor gear, and wearable technology

advanced manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing—metals/advanced materials, chemicals/processes, and bioscience

natural resources

Natural Resources—ag tech, wood products, and food & beverage

In addition, Oregon InC has recognized high tech as horizontally crossing all of these industries.

high technology

High tech includes smart technology, clean technology, and data/analytics.

During the 2019-2021 biennim, Oregon InC is funding HIOPs that support various aspects of industry innovation. Project funds are flexible in how they can be used to best support a particular sector's needs, but some example uses are:

  • shared specialty testing or production facilities or equipment
  • research and development
  • technology commercialization activities

Types of Projects

Two types of projects are eligible to be considered:

  • Feasibility Studies—These are projects that still require design and/or further research before they are ready for implementation. The studies are expected to explore a project idea that would fit with the implementation phase of the HIOP program.
  • Implementation Projects—These are projects that are ready to be implemented. Some level of design and scoping has already occurred, and the need for the project can be clearly demonstrated. Measurable benefits to an industry sector from the project can be demonstrated.

See a summary of 2017-2019 funded projects PDF from past Requests for Proposal (RFP).

How and When to Apply

HIOP funding is currently on hold. Sign up for the Innovation & Entrepreneurship email list to be notified when the program is available again.