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Oregon Growth Board Members

Voting Members

Sayer Jones, Co-Chair
Director of Finance and Mission Related Investing, Meyer Memorial Trust
Term: February 2016–December 2019

Sabrina Parsons, Co-Chair
Chief Executive Officer, Palo Alto Software
Term: January 2015–December 2018

Jim Coonan
Term: January 2016–December 2019

Stephen Green
Community Manager, Townsquared
Term: January 2016–December 2019

Gerry Langeler
Managing Director, OVP Venture Partners
Term: January 2016–December 2019

Chad Olney
Director, Pacific Crest Federal Credit Union
Term: January 2015–December 2018

Adam Zimmerman
President and CEO, Craft3
Term: January 2014–December 2017

Tobias Read, Oregon State Treasurer

Non-Voting Members

Chris Harder, Director, Business Oregon

Rep. Dan Rayfield

Sen. Chuck Thomsen