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Oregon Administrative Rules

Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS)

Entrepreneurial Development Loan Fund

The Entrepreneurial Development Loan Fund (EDLF) provides direct loans to help start-ups, micro-enterprises and small businesses expand or become established in Oregon. This fund fills a niche not provided through traditional lending markets.

Participants must meet one, or both, of the following criteria:

  • have revenues of less than $500,000 in the previous 12 months or
  • be a business owned by a severely disabled person.

Loans are:

  • a maximum amount of $75,000 ($100,000 total loans),
  • generally a maximum term and amortization of 5 years and
  • a fixed interest rate of Prime plus 2%, minimum.

Applications must show that the business:

  • can provide good and sufficient collateral for the loan,
  • possesses a reasonable capacity to repay the loan,
  • meets program equity requirements,
  • is enrolled in small business counseling through Certified Entities and
  • meets other criteria outlined in the EDLF Application and Oregon Administrative Rule.

Certified Entities

The following organizations are certified to provide small business counseling: