Emerging Small Business (ESB) Certification 

Emerging Small Business (ESB) certification is for Oregon small businesses seeking opportunities for state, county and city government and special jurisdiction (e.g., hospitals and universities) contracts.

To Qualify

The business must

and the business owner must be

 Tier 1 2
   Number of Employees
   [OAR 123-200-1600(3)(e) and (h)]
less than 19 less than 29
   3-year average annual gross receipts
construction firms 
non-construction firms 
< $1,972,996.84
< $ 789,198.873
< $3,945,993.70
< $1,315,331.23

How to Apply

  1. Use the checklist to gather all necessary records.
  2. Go to Business Oregon's vendor to access the e-application and apply for ESB Certification

If you do not have the ability to access the e-application process please send us an email to receive a hard copy application.

Questions? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page

Applicant(s) Must Be Able to Meet the Following:

1. Majority ownership (ACDBE, DBE, M/WBE, and SDV)
2. Overall management and control of the firm
3. Overall understanding of, and managerial and technical competence related to firm's services

Please Note:

  • All communication must occur with the applicant/owner
  • Applications may take up to 90 days and it is not possible to expedite. Processing occurs on complete applications and in the order received.
  • Complete application means all documents are signed, complete copies of all tax documents filed with the IRS; taxes for all affiliate businesses are also required; proof of licensing (i.e., CCB, engineering, electrical, etc.); resumes must include the applicant's technical competence and experience related to the firm.
  • Valid proof of ethnicity/gender: valid driver’s license, birth certificate, or passport. Documents obtained through DNA analysis (e.g., 23 and Me) are not accepted.
  • The applicant/owner must sign affidavits and applications.
  • If you do not have a mandatory/required document, upload a document containing a summary explaining why the document is not available.

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