How to File a Complaint About a Certified Business

As the sole certification agency for the state of Oregon, COBID processes all complaints regarding a business's certification.

If you believe a certified business does not meet certification requirement(s), you may file a complaint. COBID investigates complaints according to 49 CFR ยง 23 and 26, ORS 200.055 and OAR 123-200-1000–2200. A complaint must:

  • Be based on first-hand knowledge
  • Be in writing
  • State the eligibility requirements, which you believe the business has not met
  • Provide a statement of facts (third-party complaints not accepted)
  • Include copies of any supporting documentation
  • Include complainant's contact information (e.g., name, address, phone, email, etc.)


COBID reviews submitted documentation to determine if the complaint warrants an investigation. If there is not sufficient cause to demonstrate the need for an investigation, COBID notifies the complainant in writing that the matter is closed. If COBID determines an investigation should occur, the agency notifies the business named in the complaint by certified mail. All parties must cooperate fully in the investigative process.

Upon completion of the investigation, COBID issues a written decision to the business and the complainant. The decision will include either a finding of "No Grounds for Decertification" or a "Notice of Intent to Decertify."

COBID will only consider complaints based on first-hand knowledge and those supported by evidence.

Download the appropriate form to your computer.

It contains complete instructions and requirements. The file can be saved as the form is completed. Submit according to the instructions included in the file.