International Export Assistance

Business Oregon's Global Strategies team helps Oregon businesses access global markets to enhance Oregon's position in the global economy. In cooperation with state, local and federal partners, Business Oregon helps small- and medium-sized Oregon companies become exporters and helps existing exporters access new markets.

Business Oregon offers counseling, market research, evaluation of international partners and other services to help companies develop and expand their products and services in key overseas markets. Our Export Promotion Grants (STEP Program and Trade Promotion Program (OTPP)) help Oregon companies access foreign markets and increase exports to existing markets.

In 2012 Oregon exported more than $18 billion in goods throughout the world. Business Oregon promotes exports because exporting companies are key to a thriving traded sector in Oregon. They build wealth in the state, create well-paying Oregon jobs and are globally competitive, keeping Oregon's economy strong both today and into the future.

Connect with one of our Global Trade Specialists to receive international trade assistance or information.

Business Oregon Global Trade Specialists provide assistance to companies in these three areas:

Oregon Exports by Country, 2012

(Millions of Dollars)

Source: Wiser Trade data, U.S. Census Bureau, Foreign Trade Division