Public Records

Below you will find recent public records associated with incentive programs used by Business Oregon to help businesses expand in Oregon, such as tax abatements and credits. Each listing includes a link to information on how the program works followed by relevant records, such as approved applications or company reports relating to the projects using the programs.

If there are other public records you would like to request, please contact us using our public records request form and we'll be happy to assist you.

Oregon Investment Advantage

Income tax exemption program helps businesses start or locate in many Oregon counties with a multi-year income tax holiday. How the program works.

Manufacturing Business Energy Tax Credit

Facilities used to manufacture equipment that will be used exclusively for renewable energy resource generation/harvesting may be eligible for a state tax credit, subject to performance agreement and other stipulations. How the program works.

Sanyo PDF
SolarWorld PDF
Solopower PDF

Oregon New Market Tax Credits

(Oregon Low Income Community Jobs Initiative)
Helps finance investments and create jobs in low-income communities; only Community Development Entities receiving federal New Market Tax Credits are eligible. How the program works.

Strategic Investment Program (SIP)

The Strategic Investment Program exempts a portion of very large capital investments from property taxes for 15 years. How the program works.

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