Oregon Growth Board

The Oregon Growth Board was legislatively created in the 2012 Legislative Session to provide recommendations to improve the state's efforts to increase the availability and connect Oregon businesses to sources of capital, as well as to state loan and technical assistance programs so that employers can reach their job-creating potential.

The first task assigned to the board is to submit a report to the 2013 Legislature that includes recommendations on the implementation and administration for the investment and management of money in the Oregon Growth Fund and Oregon Growth Account, as well as enhancing leverage opportunities, attracting additional capital into Oregon, and identifying an appropriate level of funding to support these activities.

Oregon Growth Board Members

Beth Cooke, Oregon Growth Board Executive Director

Gerry Langeler, Co-Chair
Managing Director, OVP Venture Partners
Term: June 2012-December 2015

Patricia L. Moss, Co-Chair
Vice Chairman, Bank of the Cascades
Term: June 2012-December 2014

Jim Coonan
Manager, EDCO's Venture Catalyst Program
Term: June 2012-December 2015

Monica Enand
Chief Executive Officer, Chairman and Founder, zapproved
Term: March 2014-December 2014

Adam Zimmerman
Senior Vice President, Craft3
Term: January 2014-December 2017

Ex-Officio Members

Tim McCabe, Director, Business Oregon

Rep. Tobias Read

Ted Wheeler, Oregon State Treasurer