Quarterly Report


Business Oregon has a variety of tools our team uses as they work on business development and infrastructure projects throughout the state of Oregon. Below is a table of Business Oregon investments separated by program over the second quarter of 2019. This does not capture all the projects Business Oregon has worked on, just those with dollars invested through the programs listed. If you have specific questions about a program, investment, or other topic, just give us a holler.

incentives, grants, & loans
74% in rural


BRF Brownfields

EDLF Entrepreneurial Development Loan Fund

EPP Export Promotion Program

GSRF Governor's Strategic Reserve Fund

GRS Governor's Regional Solutions

HIOP High Impact Opportunity Projects

OBDF Oregon Business Development Fund

OIF Other Infrastructure Finance

SBIR SBIR Support Programs

SDW Safe Drinking Water Revolving Loan Fund

SPWF Special Public Works Fund

WW Water/Wastewater

Organization Project Description Type Approved Amount Rural/
City County House  District  Senate  District 

´╗┐Brownfields Programs

City of Coos Bay891 N. Front Street Scapyard AssessmentGrant$ 60,000RuralCoos BayCoos County95
City of EnterpriseCity Hall UST Cleanup ProjectGrant$ 27,762RuralEnterpriseWallowa County5829
City of John DayMain Street Building Asbestos Abatement ProjectGrant$ 65,300RuralJohn DayGrant County6030
City of MaupinMaupin Civic Center Asbestos Removal ProjectGrant$ 10,120RuralMaupinWasco County5930
City of St. HelensWastewater Lagoon Repurposing ProjectGrant$ 100,000RuralSt. HelensColumbia County3116
Clackamas CountyClackamas County Land Bank Authority Business PlanGrant$ 25,000UrbanOregon CityClackamas County4020
Elkton School DistrictElkton High School UST removal and cleanup projectGrant$ 17,850RuralElktonDouglas County74
Housing Authority of Clackamas CountyHolcomb Blvd Mixed Use Affordable Housing Assess.Grant$ 29,750UrbanOregon CityClackamas County4020
Klamath CountyWashburn Building Asbestos Abatement ProjectGrant$ 60,000RuralKlamath FallsKlamath County5628
University of OregonEnvironmental Assessment of Yord Dee PropertyGrant$ 60,000UrbanEugeneLane County116
VerdeComplete Enhanced GPS-based Topography AssessmentGrant$ 65,000UrbanPortlandMultnomah County4422
Total$ 520,782

Entrepreneurial Development Loan Fund

Southfork Juniper Works LLCJuniper Business ExpansionLoan$ 15,000RuralDayvilleGrant County6030
Total$ 15,000

Export Promotion Program

PK Thompson Guitars LLCThe Holy Grail Guitar ShowGrant$ 3,019RuralSistersDeschutes County
Secret Aardvark Trading Co.NRA Show 2018Grant$ 4,875UrbanPortlandMultnomah County
Radio Hill Technologies Inc.Singapore AirshowGrant$ 5,100UrbanPortlandMultnomah County
Silly Zak's Gluten Free Bakery LLCNatural Products Expo West 2018Grant$ 1,769RuralCentral PointJackson County
Drink Tanks CorporationOutDoor 2018Grant$ 7,046UrbanBendDeschutes County
Goumikids LLCPlaytime ParisGrant$ 3,355UrbanBeavertonWashington County
NW Alpine Gear LLCOutDoor 2018Grant$ 2,696UrbanNewbergYamhill County
OpenSesameLearning Technologies UKGrant$ 10,000UrbanPortlandMultnomah County
Rolf PrimaEurobike 2018Grant$ 7,672UrbanEugeneLane County
Allport Editions Inc.ISOT 2018Grant$ 6,018UrbanPortlandMultnomah County
Allport Editions Inc.Progressive Greetings Live 2018Grant$ 4,999UrbanPortlandMultnomah County
Energy Storage Systems IncOregon Sustainable Mission to ThailandGrant$ 2,090UrbanPortlandMultnomah County
Optimize Technologies Inc.Analytica 2018Grant$ 8,487UrbanOregon CityClackamas County
SSI Shredding Systems Inc.Oregon Sustainable Mission to ThailandGrant$ 2,514UrbanWilsonvilleClackamas County
Stevens Water Monitoring Systems Inc.Oregon Sustainable Mission to ThailandGrant$ 2,598UrbanPortlandMultnomah County
Sunday AfternoonsOutDoor 2018Grant$ 10,000RuralTalentJackson County
Humboldt Street Collective LLC dba Great Notion BrewingMBCC 2018Grant$ 3,341UrbanPortlandMultnomah County
Oregon Sunstone JewelsOregon/'/s Very Best E-Commerce EventGrant$ 992RuralCreswellLane County
Ayumetrix LLCFunctional Medicine ConferenceGrant$ 2,602UrbanLake OswegoClackamas County
SSI Shredding Systems Inc.China Mission & IE EXPO 2018Grant$ 7,628UrbanWilsonvilleClackamas County
Mountain Mel's Essential Goods LLCNatural Products Expo West 2018Grant$ 2,531RuralWelchesClackamas County
Van's Aircraft Inc.AERO 2018Grant$ 7,548RuralAuroraMarion County
Warco Products Inc.Automechanika FrankfurtGrant$ 7,778UrbanTualatinWashington County
Gobi Gear Inc.OutDoor 2018Grant$ 3,103UrbanBendDeschutes County
Proxy Foods LLCNatural Products Expo West 2018Grant$ 2,158UrbanPortlandMultnomah County
Total$ 119,931

Governor's Regional Solutions

City of Eagle PointHistorical Rebuild & Restore - Butte Ck Mill & IceGrant$ 200,000RuralEagle PointJackson County42
Total$ 200,000

Strategic Reserve Fund

Froerer Farms Inc.Sweet PotatoForgivable Loan$ 110,000RuralNyssaMalheur County6030
Wayfair LLCProject AppleForgivable Loan$ 400,000UrbanSpringfieldLane County126
Element Six TechnologiesProject FrostbiteForgivable Loan$ 300,000UrbanGreshamMultnomah County4925
Composite Approach LLCComposite Approach ExpansionForgivable Loan$ 100,000RuralRedmondDeschutes County5327
Hyak Tongue Point LLCRamp RetrofitForgivable Loan$ 350,000RuralAstoriaClatsop County3216
Total$ 1,260,000

SBIR Support Program

NeuraMedica Inc.Spine Bioabsorbable Clip and Applier DevelopmentGrant$ 150,000UrbanOregon CityClackamas County4020
KW AssociatesVAR Furnace Diagnostic System VAR Metric ManufactGrant$ 149,848UrbanCorvallisBenton County158
Omics Data Automation Inc.Robust Medical Data AggregationGrant$ 150,000UrbanBeavertonWashington County3417
Hemex HealthSickle Cell Disease Cartridge Automated Manf.Grant$ 150,000UrbanPortlandMultnomah County3618
StoneStable Inc.Test Stability of Silica-Coated Flu Vaccine VivoGrant$ 49,930UrbanPortlandMultnomah County3618
mAbDx IncImmunoassays for Diagnosis of Zika VirusGrant$ 50,000UrbanEugeneLane County84
De Las Mias LLCBuild & Commercialize Bilingual iOS of De Las MiasGrant$ 145,750UrbanPortlandMultnomah County4322
Total$ 845,528

High Impact Opportunity Projects

George Fox University (GFU)Data Collection Rover Prototype EnhancementGrant$ 64,500RuralNewbergYamhill County2513
Hacienda Community Development CorporationPortland Mercado Mobile Food Lab Feasibility StudyGrant$ 124,300UrbanPortlandMultnomah County4322
University of OregonMass Timber Acoustics LabGrant$ 702,218UrbanEugeneLane County116
Sustainable NorthwestScaling Juniper MarketsGrant$ 443,000UrbanPortlandMultnomah County3618
FertiLabSouthern Willamette Valley Food Business Dev. CentGrant$ 59,538UrbanEugeneLane County84
Total$ 3,084,612

Oregon Business Development Fund

BTF Properties LLCCRE Acquistion for Design/Manufacturing FirmLoan$ 920,000UrbanBendDeschutes County5327
Total$ 920,000

Other Infrastructure Finance

City of WarrentonPacific Coast Seafoods CompanyGrant$ 500,000RuralWarrentonClatsop County3216
Total$ 500,000

Safe Drinking Water Fund

City of Milton-FreewaterLocust & Outwest ExtensionForgivable Loan$ 46,800RuralMilton-FreewaterUmatilla County5729
City of CoburgWater System ImprovementsLoan$ 4,750,000RuralCoburgLane County116
City of CoburgWater System ImprovementsForgivable Loan$ 780,000RuralCoburgLane County116
Springfield Public SchoolsWalterville Fuel Oil Storage Tank RemovalGrant$ 30,000UrbanSpringfieldLane County116
City of SutherlinSchoon Mountain Potable Water Storage TankLoan$ 387,990RuralSutherlinDouglas County74
City of SutherlinSchoon Mountain Potable Water Storage TankForgivable Loan$ 447,990RuralSutherlinDouglas County74
City of North PlainsReservoir & Pump Station ImprovementsForgivable Loan$ 130,000RuralNorth PlainsWashington County3015
City of North PlainsReservoir & Pump Station ImprovementsLoan$ 5,400,000RuralNorth PlainsWashington County3015
Crystal Springs Water DistrictSouth ReservoirLoan$ 2,717,000RuralOdellHood River County5226
Crystal Springs Water DistrictSouth ReservoirForgivable Loan$ 280,000RuralOdellHood River County5226
Rhododendron Water AssociationSource Water Protection PlanningGrant$ 30,000RuralRhododendronClackamas County5226
North Clackamas County Water CommissionCustom Clackamas River Watershed DisplayGrant$ 15,000RuralOregon CityClackamas County3920
City of HinesWater Sytsem ImprovementsLoan$ 6,199,000RuralHinesHarney County6030
City of HinesWater Sytsem ImprovementsForgivable Loan$ 1,030,000RuralHinesHarney County6030
Lusted Water DistrictDistribution System ImprovementsLoan$ 2,433,000UrbanTroutdaleMultnomah County5226
Lusted Water DistrictDistribution System ImprovementsForgivable Loan$ 280,000UrbanTroutdaleMultnomah County5226
Lawson Acres Water AssociationWater Main Connection to RiddleLoan$ 151,807RuralRiddleDouglas County21
Lawson Acres Water AssociationWater Main Connection to RiddleForgivable Loan$ 367,643RuralRiddleDouglas County21
Total$ 25,476,230

Special Public Works Fund

City of AlbanyLochner Rd Improvements - SnoTemp ExpansionLoan$ 1,969,000UrbanAlbanyBenton County158
City of AlbanyLochner Rd Improvements - SnoTemp ExpansionGrant$ 300,000UrbanAlbanyBenton County158
Total$ 2,269,000

Water/Wastewater Fund

City of Cascade LocksWastewater System ImprovementGrant$ 550,000RuralCascade LocksHood River County5226
City of Cascade LocksWastewater System ImprovementLoan$ 550,000RuralCascade LocksHood River County5226
City of BurnsWater System Master PlanGrant$ 20,000RuralBurnsHarney County6030
Oregon Water Wonderland Unit II Sanitary DistrictWastewater Feasibility StudyGrant$ 20,000UrbanBendDeschutes County5327
City of WillaminaWillamina Emergency Water Intake RestorationLoan$ 31,500RuralWillaminaYamhill County2312
City of WillaminaWillamina Emergency Water Intake RestorationGrant$ 31,500RuralWillaminaYamhill County2312
Total$ 1,203,000